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Nerf sarcorixis please!

Agree that this major thyla buff is extremely scary, both in tournaments and in PvP. The extra 500 hp and speed decrease immunity puts it out of range of way too many things. I suppose we will have to see how things pan out.

As for Sarc, it’s absolutely silly. It has an extremely small number of bad matchups, because it has very high damage output, good health, stunning, can’t be slowed, and it can’t get hit by swap in creatures. The easiest nerf it could get is a removal of the speed decrease immunity, so it would fear revenge kills while not experiencing any changes to other matchups (because looking at moveset it’s crystal clear that it isn’t fierce, with no answers to armor or shields). Even the deer, which is supposed to be nearly impossible to outspeed, gets outsped by this crocodile? Seems a bit weird, especially considering neither component has that immunity.

My recommendation is a slight nerf, be it a speed immunity removal so it fears tanks, a small damage nerf so it fears fierce, or the change of resilient strike to fierce strike. All three by themselves make it vulnerable to one of the types of creature, and it wouldn’t change the fact that it’s still extremely powerful.

As for the discussion of buff vs nerf, you have to look at the entire meta to decide the direction to nudge things. It’s lazy and bad design to nerf things out of the meta, and equally poor design to buff things to absurd levels like indo gen 2. If something has a mix of good and bad matchups, it should be in a good place. Sarc has, in its tier and in the unique meta, a shockingly large number of excellent matchups. I care minimally about something being good because it’s a “super hybrid” and care more about the effect it has on its surroundings. It’s not OP, but it’s certainly a candidate for a nerf, the toolkit and stats simply grant it too much flexibility against too many creatures to be ignored. Instead of messing with the stun interactions with fierce, which has horrifying implications (think nitro Thor you can’t stun and quiver in fear), just slightly nerf or tweak sarc so it’s not an issue.

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This. This is the core of the problem here.

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Thylacotator is already immune to the speed reduction, the Sarcorixis is fine like that, you just have to put creatures to counteract it and that’s it, solved for those who complain, apart from the crocodile is not immune to anything saved the speed reduction, and vulnerability , it can be stunned, torn, bleed, etc. Now that the Indominus Rex is going to have 30% damage, it is a creature that can kill the Sarcorixis since I do not know how to slow it down, and it is one of the first legendary that everyone can create, that if you do not use the invincibility because you will lose an opportunity.

Smart sarc play can really mess up indom gen 2 unless my math is wrong and mutual fury + rampage is a one shot. Even so, that’s a single matchup, the remainder of sarc’s matchups are extremely favored to the sarc. Bleeders usually trade, distraction and evasion gets hard countered by resilient strike, and tanks/fierce get stun locked and beaten down with ferocious impacts. As for thyla, it has speed reduction because it’s built to kill tanks. Sarc is not built to beat tanks, as it has nothing that armor pierces or shield breaks. It doesn’t have nullify either. My guess is that the speed decrease immunity was put in when it still had armor piercing strike and it was left in

Lol I don’t think thyla will be that hard to deal with although we’ll have to wait and see. Stun and cunning work good against it. Again a way to fix this is to get rid of SS on thyla and make it use DP cleanse negative effects. I mean it’s a tank buster through and through so why is it able to counter speedster changing it to say null strike or idk, RS would be good so now thyla is stopped in its tracks by cunning. Another thing is to give stuff like gamma, and prorat rend resistances.stuns Also do well against it but again we have to see after the update if it’s too much

Name 3 epic creatures that counter rixis that don’t rely on RNG

All the cunnings can be slowed and killed with a RT. Thylac has a 64% chance to kill them all in 2, and with some like procerath, it can use SS to kill them with a tossup matchup. I think Ludia wants to keep it a wildcard, and I would just recommend making its hp no more than 4200

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Indom gen 2, entelochops, and it’s usually in carbonemyes’s favor. Also now thylacotator wins every time

Ya I think that’s good I never asked for the buff eh it ludia they do what ever they want

If the problem is in lower arenas I understand you, but if you are in higher arenas, the Sarcorixis is not that strong, you can also try to get stronger creatures, such as creatures with shields and counterattacks are strong, if you do not find what you want, make an effort and build a team with creatures that can hold you in one place, and when you understand that this game is about winning and losing, there you will know how to enjoy it as I do at this moment, and do not try to destroy what they build others for simply not being able to defeat a creature that is good, but it does not assure you 100% of victories, that was done by Ardentismaxima and Indoraptor Gen 2 at the time, and those were annoying, and practically nothing killed them, and they were immune to almost everything, but this crocodile is not like that, as I say you can bleed, tear and stun.
Have fun, and you will see that it will not matter to you to lose and win, nothing ensures that you will always be touched by the same creature, you have 8 creatures, but chance chooses for you which 4 appear on the scene both in tournaments and in the PvP arenas , and do not forget that the match is used by Ludia, therefore nothing guarantees that you will win or lose, even in rare cases you will be able to draw in a battle.

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It’s not that strong in 1v1s, but it has great utility as a trapper and revenge killer

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The fun I have in this game is linked to the amount of meta diversity I see. Thus any creature who has design imbalances that make it easily picked or easily discarded from team selection is worth my attention to discuss. My goals are to create a diverse and varied meta with many viable options. As I said before, sarc is extremely close to being in the sweet spot. It simply needs to decide if it’s a tank buster like thyla (which would mean remove resilient strike for fierce), a tank of its own (reduce damage or remove speed immunity), or if it needs other small tweaks to balance it against similar tiered matchups. As a note, I personally hate the logic of “just bleed it” because a trade with a bleeder is a major cop-out compared to having a winning or losing matchup (or varied matchup based on move choice). Sarc also has no escape so it’s extremely tough to use swap in stun or swap in bleed, 2 common ways to mitigate a single creature that has very few negative matchups. All that being said, obviously this is not an indo gen 2 issue, where the creature needed either the whole meta to be changed (which humorously is what happened in 2.0) or a massive nerf.

Honestly indo2 would not have needed to change with all the resilients running around

Regarding sarco, I think it just needs more counter in its rarity