Nerf sarcorixis

Sarcorixis needs a nerf, it has too many attacks and resistances to be a simple epic, it beats almost all the legendary and several unique, also I don’t know why there is such a difference in damage between it and gryposuchus.


What does Gryposuchus have to do with any of this?


Rixis does need a slight nerf, but its an epic hybrid so it should have 4 attacks.


yup,the strongest of all epics hybrids.
in any epic hybrid tournament,if you don’t have it,its over.
The damage need a nerf and probably a nerf in speed…
Its a resilient after all.


It doesnt need nerf, its superhybrid so it should be strong also now he has exclusive ingredient. Everything is resistant to stun now.


We are looking for epic hybrid tournament:
-No counter
-A huge turn one damage (X2,25,the only one in the game)
-2 stun while there is only 3 creature which are immune to stun in epic hybrids tournaments.
So yeah,either you buff all the others epic hybrids,either you nerf it.
And nobody want to see an indomG2 with 7k hp to compensate that.


Entelochops and Indominus Gen 2: Am we jokes to you?


Nerf nerf nerf, easy to make. Use distraction, use shields. It is an epic super hybrid so it should be strong. Leave it alone


If it were a hybrid I would’ve agreed with you but this is a superhybrid, it has a decent amount of counters since cunning can remove ferocious and immune/resilient can last against both stunning moves and can counter others. It’s fine period


It’s only really tough in rarity-locked tournaments, but if we’re going based on those, let’s nerf Kelenken, Ornitho, and Draco Gen 2 because they’re really strong in Rare tournaments. It’s a super hybrid with a solid number of counters. No nerf needed


Well it is a super hybrid. Also maybe ferocious impact should only do 2x damage instead of 2.25

Something needs to change for epic tournaments. Sarcorixis is really too powerful in these tournaments after Yoshi nerf. 1 on 1 Indominus g2 can kill Rixis, but its rarely 1 on 1 situation. Entelochops can kill it but is swap in bait after it. They either need to slightly nerf Rixis turn 1 damage (on 2600, which is basically Rampage) or buff health of most epics. Upcoming epic tournaments will be Rixis & Woolly Rhino fest. In skill tournament Rixis can bring almost any epic into Woolly Rhino range.

Think that Stunning strike should have longer cooldown too, to prevent chain stunning. If you don’t draw any creature immune to stun against Rixis, you basically lost before match even started.

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Rixis really shouldn’t have ferocious impact anymore. Both it’s ingredients lost ferocious based attacks. And if so interested in keep the buff just make it ferocious strike instead of impact.


Can we just stop nerfing everything that strong for once ? And maybe buff some counters or absurdly weak epics ?
Especially if it’s only because of the epic tournament … Let’s nerf the strongest rare too then !
That way a new thing will be dominant and get a nerf too ! Awesome !
Maybe it’s because all the epics are way too weak in general ?


It’s strenght is ok for a superhybrid, It already got a speed nerf, i don’t think It needs another nerf. The thing is we don’t have as many epic superhybrids to face it in the tournament with equal strenght, many are only simple hybrids. But sarcorixys shouldn’t be nerfed to be equal to simple hybrids, It should have the strenght of a superhybrid.


That would straight up make It irrelevant, not a good idea to make such a harsh nerf. And why remove ferocious impact? So few creatures have It and as a croc It makes sense for It to have it, It would lose it’s flavor honestly. Not to mention nundasuchus has a ferocious move so if you’re talking about ingredients It should still have a ferocious move.


Changing the way ferocious impact works would affect anything else with It. If you think It has too much damage output a better suggestion is to just give It a slight damage nerf


Remove the resilient attack and its all good.


Maybe remove it’s immunity to speed decrease? That would make it weaker to fierce-resilient, at least. I don’t see a problem with it keeping Resilient strike though. It is a resilient creatures and has resilient ancestry after all. If Ferocious Impact boosts it’s damage too high, maybe they should nerf it’s damage stat? This reminds me of old Maxima, a resilient that has too much damage output for how sturdy it is. It is kind of cool that lower level players can get a dinosaur that they can keep on their team going into the endgame arenas, but it is a bit strong. Probably doesn’t need a huge nerf though. Fierce do beat it quite handily, but it just does too much damage to them too often.


How many of them are epic? Three. It should have more than 3 creatures counter it. And it doesn’t depend on stun to kill, fi then a strike kills most creatures

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