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Nerf sarcorixis

That doesn’t change the fact that Epic hybrid tournaments are unbalanced.

The problem is not that players are losing to it. The problem (at least the way I see it) is that the Epic hybrids are unbalanced. It doesn’t matter who’s using them on their main team.

Rixis is unbalanced in the Epic hybrid tournaments without boosts. Indoraptor and Thor are underpowered, but players get swept by them every day in the arena. You won’t find a single nerf thread for either of those.
The players clearly don’t think the way you say they do.

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Lol nitro Thor threads beg to differ :joy: But thats more of a boost thing then a Thor thing. Unboosted Thor needed a buff. Shame they had to change how it works in raids though.


They exist? I thought those were complaining about matchmaking.

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There was a time they were everywhere, ever since the introduction of boosts, but after people learned It was a boost problem they phased out

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I think everybody is free to level his team the way he wants and everybody can include rixis in their team if they consider it such a monster, others can focus on strategies to counter the-bad-dino-that-they-don’t-want-to-use, it’s a matter of choice - this dino doesn’t give an unfair advantage to any player, it is available for anyone willing to invest resources in it.

And yes, people do think like that - when they see a strong creature that kills their team, they ask for a nerf instead of thinking “man this guy must have darted a lot of dinos to get him this far, I should start hunting that dino because it kicks ass”.

What I’m saying is that nerfs of such magnitude are detrimental to the playerbase and at some point you end up hurting yourself when you request nerfs - or someone else will by requesting a nerf for one of your creatures that we all know are so hard to earn and level up, especially past lvl 26-27, no matter what creature we are talking about.

We should have goals not moving carrots - but asking for nerfs is asking for exactly the opposite.

No magnitude has been specified, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

And no one is saying Rixis gives players an unfair advantage. Rixis has an unfair advantage over almost all of the Epic hybrids.

I don’t understand why they complain so much about a creature that can use a fierce blow every 3 turns, and in 3 turns it could quietly be dead, using 2 moves to stun, when almost all creatures today are mostly not stunned. , 1 of those 2 movements is irrelevant, and another thing that is not immune, since it can bleed, tear, and also stun, the problem here is the increases, and there will always be there because it is with what Ludia sells nowadays, any powered creature is a threat, and that is the real problem with this game, since the augments have been like that.

There are only about 52 creatures in the Dex that are resistant to stun, and most of them have no use anywhere being or weak or too frail.

Only 13 meta relevant are immune and only 4 meta relevant are resistant (If you think pho is still relevant)

That’s not a lot at all

How about proposing nerfs for creatures that are actually unbalanced?

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I like the idea