Nerf scam

If the dino gets nerfed then give us our coins and boost back and set that dino that was nerfed back to base level. The dinos that were nerfed are no longer useful, Or this is a scam that you come out with good dinos then make everyone spend money to get the dino to level 30 then nerf it then make new good dinos to have us get it to level 30 again to nerf it again so we can spend/coins and not get it back. Scam or not scam? We want our coins and boost back!!!

Good example: you buy a house that comes with a garage. You pay it in full and they nerfed the house but you can still keep the garage. Do you want you’re money back or your fine with paying it in full and owning only the garage and not the house?


it’s just ludia being ludia


No it’s not a scam . Also not every creature is useless after getting nerfed. Ref and ardentis are still very useful for example


Good example.

Jam City*

And Jamcity

I am sorry you felt that way but knowing that this is just part of the business model this game choose to run with. Will you find it difficult to accept that buying some H&M clothing and later only to find it quickly go out of fashion? Note that in hm you actually paid rather than getting everything for free.

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It’s called a bait and switch, which is a scam. When Hearthstone nerfs cards, you can get a refund for the cards that got nerfed. Same should happen with nerfed dinos. It costs a huge amount of resources to fully level and boost a dino. You should know what you’re investing in.


Yeah like Indoraptor, indoraptor g2, Christmas chicken, smilo, max. You must be new here

People there is one very simple solution to this never ending problem of our dinosaurs getting nerfed after they reach the ultimate level 30 in the game and it is this…

** DO NOT ADVAMCE / LEVEL UP YOUR DINOSAURS AT ALL** when you get a new dinosaur in the game at the next upgrade do not advance it leave it at its base level and go no further than that !.
By doing this it adds purpose to your game if it is not taken beyond its base level it cannot be nerfed can it true??
If you do not spend any MONEY ON THE GAME it saves wasting MONEY spending it on dinosaurs that you know full well are going to be NERFED ANYWAY then why bother doing it, so chill out, relax and take a load off your mind by not giving in to the POWER OF THE ALMIGHY DOLLAR $$$
When enough members of the world wide player base say ** enough is enough** and the gravy train ( = money train ) stop paying only then will things start to change in the game and not before it is as simple as that end of story!!

Well, it really depends how much you have been invested in this game and it is meaningless to determine whether this is skam or not. To compare a single game investment with a housing property, well, really…

As far as I know some players pay and enjoy it and that payment is at their own discretion knowing that it won’t come back anyway. Some play for free and still find ways to enjoy it. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way- you’d better be pretty sure before you invest or you will be facing disappointment all the time, not only to this game but to those yet to come.

I am not new here. I was playing the game back when stegodeus had armor piercing rampage


10 chars

I’d argue this one still good enough.
It counters fierce and has a decent matchup against flocks.


There’s one big problem with nerfing creatures too hard or in specific ways and I feel like it’s rarely addressed. It’s that casual players can use meta creatures too, and not all players that use meta creatures care about the meta.

For example, let’s say Albertospinos, an already pretty powerful creature, gets buffed, and now it’s among the best creatures in the game. There are people that used Albertospinos before this buff, simply because they like it. Many players start to see that it’s overpowered, so people request for it to be nerfed as to keep it balanced. However, Ludia, instead of reverting Albertospinos back to its original state, nerf it in completely different aspects, making Albertospinos not favorable for those who previously used it. These old Albertospinos users now have to use a different Albertospinos than what they had before, which could be especially bad if the creature’s playstyle or matchups are altered.

This is an issue that I myself am worried about, as a casual player that plans on keeping Albertocevia on my team permanently. Albertocevia is my 3rd favorite creature in the game. I love the design, I love the playstyle, and I’ve had loads of fun using it. What I don’t like about it is how overpowered it is. I personally want this creature nerfed by having Swap In Devour Strike removed as to give more use to Parasauthops and to make sure Albertocevia is still a powerful revenge killer. However, I don’t decide how Albertocevia gets nerfed, Ludia does. They could nerf the stats, the active moveset, remove the counter, worsen the resistances, or more than one of the option all at once, while keeping the swap in. This turns Albertocevia into a somewhat decent H2H specialist, and Albertocevia would rely even more on its swap in. This would completely ruin most of my liking toward the creature, because I got it specifically to have a powerful revenge killer on my team.

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This exact post is why I quit about a year ago, came back knowing I wouldn’t spend on any of the boosts ever again, dumping $200+ into a dino that is worthless after an update and not getting those buffs back almost made me make a claim of fraud to my credit card company. I don’t understand why buffs aren’t reset after each update. I understand from a revenue standpoint, but if you don’t have any players left, what money will you make?

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I never bought clothes for fashion always thought this is ridiculous

There is no such thing as amber members and the game won’t shut down

Best nerf thread that I agree :+1::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

I looked into the company a bit more, Jam City bought Luidia for $165 million back in September 2021, so management is probably getting involved in figuring out how to get more money from the players, while actively causing the players to quit. I don’t understand why they make a game so player unfriendly, you can’t make money off people that don’t play.