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Nerf Scorpions rex raid

I think it is safe to say that the Scorpions rex raid needs to have a nerf not only for its overpowering ability set up but also it has the most annoying minions the nullifying minion and the shield minion I lose every time when I go against the Scorpions rex raid so please nerf the raid I have a hard time when going against it

Don’t think they need to nerf it just use better more reliable strats and you should be fine.:slight_smile:


Honestly it’s pretty easy if you have the right creatures and strat


This is what I use and it takes a lot of good RNG to beat. These will all be level 20. It took a lot of tries today but I did beat it.


It takes 6 moves by unboosted dinos. My sons lvl 11 account beats it. Any one with a level 13 gorgo beats it.

Hopefully Ludia makes all raids you click on them and you get dna. No matter level.

i think u can make a strat with 2 diplovenators and then u can distract its big attacks, then u just add a good healer like para lux and maybe tryo. havent tried it yet but i want to tho i dont have a lvl 20 diploven :frowning:

Level 15 Gorgosuchus. If you can’t manage that, you probably don’t deserve the DNA


10 chart