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Nerf Scorpius Rex

Scorpius Rex doesnt have any Exclusive creature component.
Ardentismaxima, Testacornibus both have component Exclusive and inst broken.
A creature without component Exclusive cant be broken or Tyrant


2 daily creature are pain to find, so it deserve to be good. And also spyx, Magna counter it so its not broken like cough hadros and Cera cough cough, which have the easiest raid.


Scorpios rex stats are fine and even the dam camouflage move is fine its just toxic quills that need balancing
It has its counters mainly magna and spyk but I don’t think a base lv scorp should beat/draw with a max boosted lv30 tryko.


The only thing which G3 needs balancing is Toxic Quills, an impact move, with a 75% chance to stun and a DOT is not ok. Sure Refrenantems Super Distraction is similar but it’s only 1x damage and a 25% chance to stun, and it doesn’t have a immunity to speed decrease and only a 50% immunity to stun. Also G3’s swap in does way too much, gives it dodge, distracts, increases both speed and crit chance from a swap in.


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I’m assuming you’re talking about Scorpius Rex G3? Scorpius Rex seems fine. About exclusive incredients, what, you want Mammolania nerfed too?


No, no, no, no, this is not right

If only exclusive creatures were strong, then there would be little to no variety in the game with there being little as is… I like what they’ve been doing… made two viable cunnings and such… one being a bleeder


perhaps nerf the bleed to like a 20-25 bleed over 3 turns, so it takes like 3 turns to it kill things rather than just 2

I like SCP 3 as it is. The fact that it has splooshed into the meta means that other, more forgotten things might return to counter it. Magna, for instance, needs an opening back into the meta.

It does single-handedly wipe out Tryko and Dio (RiP), but those two can return with simple resistance buffs anyway.

I just like having a relevant bleeder, really.


It’s exactly when Indo gen 2 came out with the cautious strikes getting 5 actions in one single attack, this is simply too much and only a few (like maxima) had the chance to bypass dodge.
Then they decided to break dodge again with all creatures nullifying it or going through.

Getting speed, dodging, decreasing adversary dmg, buffing crit chance is too much for a single move. Let’s see how they balance it at next update.

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You are right about Trykosaurus and Dioajasaur having no business being Tyrants. I am glad @David_Mesas_Mesas agrees that neither of those two should be anywhere near as strong as they are without any exclusive components.

I think scorp 3 is pretty much fine. A useful cunning fierce bleeder in a resilient meta.


Every tyrant since the beginning of the game:

Yeah rarity and ingredients mean squat to Ludia.


Honestly I feel that really only toxic quills is too strong but honestly just making it like a 1x move instead of 1.5x just might fix the issue of it just destroying tryko and Dioraj. It should at least be hit once.

Quit with the nerfs

Even if they nerf toxic quills you will probably be looking for the next thing to scream nerf at :roll_eyes:


You don’t remember Thyla??? When Ludia went completely wild with Maxima 2.0, the only solution was an epic. If you don’t have dinos like those, towers would run wild. They can slow down, take a hit, shield, etc… Bleeding is their Achille’s heal…

Yeah but thyla had to be at a certain lvl and also would get hit hard if not one shot. Scorpius most likely won’t and even at 21 can go head or head with make lvl Diorajs, trykos and Thors, without any boosts.

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This 100%. Bleeders have been left in the dust for awhile now and this is the start of bringing back the option to bleed and remain viable.


They could nerf down the swap in animation a bit as we got to wait for the thing to throw a fit like a child who’s mother refuses to buy them a candy bar at the store check-out.