Nerf skoonasaurus already

It’s funny why people make these nerf threads, without understanding how the synergy works between different classes.


Hey dude,do u want raptor nerfed cause u got beaten by one ?

Definitely do not underestimate Entelolania. It’s still my all time favorite :slight_smile: Also was running it in the shores and will definitely never unboost it!


Next time before ask any nerf how about first ask advice for counters, at least other can learn as well?

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I regret making a nerf thread about thor i know how it feels when your close to unlocking your favorite strong creature but it ended up getting a large nerf

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More likely to be “Stupendous”

Except it has been nerfed.

Everyone in here against this thread clearly dosent fight maxed skoonas

We can nerf Skoona when the other dozen or more creatures that are just as powerful or stronger get a nerf.

In another world where the absurd power creep didn’t happen, yes, Skoona might need a nerf, but in this one, it doesn’t need one until we tone a lot of other very powerful creatures down first.


And those who do beat them with any max boosted unique / apex pure fierce (mortem, thor, alberto etc) or (even though it shouldnt) ref.

A Spinocon at level 25 can handle it pretty well you know that right?

I’ve fought them before. Not horrible


I’ve fought a skoona not maxed tho, and with indot was pretty easy

By that logic everything that’s maxed needs a nerf… Wait is that why you have 17 nerf threads?


Revenge cloak&vulnerability rampage does the trick

I mean (top 50 players)


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Revenge taunting cloak

Huh? Intimidating impact? Cleansing rampage?

I don’t have indot I forgot a couple of the moves lol

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Anyways skoona doesn’t need a nerf

Skoona nnn

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