Nerf Skoonasaurus

Skoona is so OP especially with the buff to Restricted Group Distraction
Even things that should kill out like spinocon and scorp gen 3 die along with skoona
Here’s my balanced Skoona
It now has only a medium counter attack
Skoona only has 50 less attack than Ardentismaxima but somehow has a full

Also it lost pin resistance to make it more vulnerable to creatures like grypolyth and albertospinos some crit chance and a tiny bit of HP


I would remove pin resistance and give it less crit chance (not including the changes that you made)


Can’t beat em… join em.


Be patient. Skoona will be nerfed after players spend enough $$ on it.


I think skoona is fine. Once it was released it was considered one of the worst creatures in the game and now it’s arguably the best creature in the game


The not resistance to swap would be beautiful for something like albertospinos

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Updated the balanced Skoona

Honestly, I just don’t understand why so many tanks have pin resist/immunity. It just… these things are supposed to be countered by bleeders and “shredders” (as I like to call them. I mean stuff like Grypolyth or Indo T that work with rending counters), but the pin resist just completely negates that. Mammolania has it, Skoona has it, both Gemini and Ardentis have it, it really just needs to go.

That being said, I would definitely like to see a compensation buff to both Maxima and Gemini if that happened, and Skoona could definitely serve to get a bigger attack ding as well, probably to like 1000 attack (should it keep the full counter). Mammolania might also be able to use a buff in that case, but I’m not really sure what that could or would be.


No I think it would have the same attack but with a medium counter
I think this would upset less the people who have heavily leveled and boosted it as that’s still a solid 1000 attack max boosted
However I do agree that tanks should loose pin resistance but I’m unsure about that being applied to Ardentismaxima and Gem as they’re already really struggling on the arena

I don’t think people’s happiness should be a big factor in nerfing a creature. Obviously you don’t want to overdo it, but the main thing you want to get done is proper balance. Plus, I was speaking to if Skoona also lost its pin resist.

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I agree but I think that the full counter with less attack is less balanced than a medium counter

You’re right on that, actually, at least going by raw numbers.

but how the new or changed creatures are dealing with skoona?

Skoona is absolutely fine as it is …

Seriously quit with the nerf stuff :roll_eyes:


Something that has a 75% winrate against other uniques is not fine


Skoona is fine as it is??? I don’t think so. Its deserves a slight nerf before the update. It deserves it more now.


nope leave it alone nerf mortie no wait nerf the new croc migth as well get a head start wheres it end

There’s alot worse Dino’s that are more op than skoona -

At the end of the day people need to stop screaming NERF this and nerf that it’s pretty sad .


75% win nah

I’m surprised you ain’t begging for indotaurus to be nerfed :rofl: or the new unique flock which no one has yet but hey let’s start early .

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Here we go again. More nerf threads