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Nerf smilonynemys to death

as we have found quite a few high lvl smilonemys (like 27- 28) in the arena… and i believe those players have darted over 80 turtles in the wild not including the recent turtle event and interaction from the sanctuary.

this amount of wild spawned turtles are crazily high in such a short period… is it possible to be legit??? that amount of dna is even higher than the smilodon dna i had darted for almost the past six months.

if no ban, just nerf this dino to death please.

at what arena are you? I’m at 5300 and didn’t see anyone use smilonemys

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Same here.
I would not like to encounter one though, and I know there are a couple of high levels out there already.
I don’t know how dangerous it is in practice, but why does it need a nerf?

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Why every time somebody meet creature that don’t like it or don’t know how to counter asks for a nerf?

I think with lot of luck, big parks with lots of spawn and great darting it’s possible to have high lvl Smilonemys.

Also think about all of us that still need to create it. We don’t need just one more collection creature that we create and forget.


You’re focusing on the wrong thing here. Smilo has already been nerfed and some could even say that it was more than it should, considering the difficulty to make it.

What need to be nerfed are the “drones’ drones”…


I can’t find Irritator and yet players have High leveled Magna. If I can’t find enough and other players can, I want you to nerf Magna to DEATH.


I didn’t fought any yet from real player at 5850+ trophies. Even though I had level 26 Smilonemys now but I because of all the hatred (on this forum especially to my thread) didn’t even used coins to make him level 26 and boosts not applied too. So he is not part of my team.

Also his move set to me feels not really great especially against those dinos with shield and/or armor.

@Tielenaar I just found one in Zuiderpark (and one in park den burg 2 hours ago) … Though I found nothing yesterday. I suggest you plan a day or two over weekend for zuiderpark if you have time :slight_smile:

Hmm maybe, if the farmers let me through :slight_smile:
I’m sure I can find some closer by if I really try. We’ll see in the weekend!

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It was already nerfed, pretty significantly infact, before many got to create it. I don’t remember what its health stat was, but its attack was 1500. Used to be a rat killer. Not so much anymore with 1200 something. It’s still a good dino and armor pierce/ defence shattering attacks can take it down. Both indos are naturally faster and have such attacks. There are counters for it. Just stuff that is in some ways equally difficult to make.


If you think about it, smilo being OP makes sense. Smilodon is Monday only and you have to get lucky to get it, pachy is arena exclusive, and the turtle is park only and you can’t use scents, making it right there with geminititan in terms of difficulty to create


Let’s nerf magna now. Irritator is WAY too easy to obtain. (Obvious sarcasm is hopefully obvious)


They already nerfed it. It’s balanced now. It’s easy to counter. Tryko, both Indos, Magna. Easy. It’s damage isn’t great, lol.


Agreed … He sucks now :slight_smile:

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Battled someone with a L28 the other day ! Shameful !! Ask me it’s impossible unless they dart a handful a day or more … I’ve darted 1 since release and I’m out Darting 4-8 hours per day most of the time.

I haven’t found a single wild turtle. :laughing:

I live near a 400 acre park and no turtle since release.

Really? I assume you spend few hours every day inside the park?

Few hours a week. I can’t visit it on work days. I’m off on weekends though and go to the park with my dogs.

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I live near the Postbank and the Hoge Veluwe and have seen only one in the wild. :pleading_face:

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I think some of you missed the point of the original post. He’s not actually asking for a nerf. That part was kind of a joke. He’s talking about the high level ones appearing suddenly.