Nerf stat boosts

The fact that I get matched up against this which is like 3x more powerful than I am is ridiculous. Even though it’s hard to get stat boosts (unless you pay a small fortune) still I get put up against people that my team has no chance against.


Since boosts are here to stay I’d say there’s a case to be made about nerfing speed boosts. The way they work just ruins speedst in the end game.


Stat boosts have already been nerfed twice since they were launched.

They will be nerfed again I’m sure, because since they’ve been available every day for over three months now, lots have players have fully boosted teams now.

This means they won’t be buying any more.

So Ludia will do as they did with the 2.0 fiasco.

Charge us loads more for exactly the same thing as we had before, and the player base will say how great it is. Until they wake up and smell the coffee and realise they’ve been had.

Nerfing stat boosts might not need to be a bad thing if done correctly.

I think diluting their effect while making them needed might be a better idea.

Change the arena team requirements to 16 instead of 8 then drop the max boost per dino from 30 to 15. This is in patch 1.14 So Thora can be only 139 speed but then is base attack and base health. So players have to weigh the pros and cons on max boosting any stat.

It also makes boosts less strong per dino = more skill but since you need to boost 16 dinos you need the same number of boosts as before. Also it makes changing your team easier since you dun need to boost as much.

Ludia now can do a major buff/nerf/rebalance in 1.15 so players have to buy fresh boosts or grind for fresh boosts to make their teams back on par.

Wun happen because Ludia is greedy and “money-driven”


I personally think that all boosts should be removed, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen.
However I would accept HP and attack boosts if only speed ones were removed. Overboosted things wouldn’t be that problematic if we could at least outspeed them. The other thing is that I think that speed should be an always the same stat, just like crit chance or armor. Invariable speed would be the key to balancing. Some creatures are speedier than others, at the cost of being weaker in terms of stats or/and moveset. Unfortunately that doesn’t matter with speed boosts. You just have to invest a bit more boosts and you have much stronger creature.
Amount of stat boosts you are able to put into a creature should also be reduced. Let’s take a look into an level 21 fresh unique. You really think that someone would put 21 boosts into it? I don’t think so. Currently max boosts amount works only in theory and doesn’t stop people making overboosted things, unless they’re really giant whales putting 21 (or more, depends on level) boosts into a single creature


I like this idea, but can’t see a reset as there would be no need to buy any more.

By increasing the arena team to 16 but halving the boosts wouldn’t make economic sense.

Just a simple double the team to 16 would be cool, no reset and a few more dinos should be fine.