Nerf Stegosaurus

Can we please nerf stegosaurus? It’s freaking BROKEN. Not only does it have a high armor, it has a high attack, defense, and can strip away all of the debuffs, rendering it capable of going toe to toe with high level epics at a lower level. That’s kind of ridiculous.

Stego is nothing compared to Stegodeus. Rofl
Have an immune dino on your team. There ya go.

Poor stegosaurus, he doesn’t need a nerf. I think I used mine up until the fifth or sixth arena though, so he does have some value.

Level up an allo/tarbo,night night stego😂
Don’t use Raptors against it

You clearly weren’t present during the Raptor-Meta when a single Velociraptor could put down entire teams way too often. Stegosaurus is just a pet