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Nerf Stygimoloch G2

This green monstrosity is way too OP.
It is not fair that a creature with this much movement speed should have an ability that allows it to always have a shield. How is that balanced?? You can only take it out with AP attacks!


Haha haha :laughing:

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1000% agree.
When an opponent has her on team i always lose


Shielding Strike is OPAF.


Absolutely! It’s totally broken and unfair! It’s not fair! Not fair! Get to it Ludia!


Agreed! While we’re at it:

Nerf Miragaia too!

With Shield, heal, and counter attack, this thing doesn’t die!

It may have low health sure, but it’ll just rise up from the grave and chomp your dino butt for a win!

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looks delicious. my thor likey alot


It’ll just strike and run then. Maybe swap to a dracocera to om nom that Thor of yours. :o



I’m so on board with this. It’s like Ludia doesn’t even test these monstrosities

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at lvl 15. ill one bite it. going to use it on pvp. see how good it is.

Yes, could could one bite it, but that strike and run can cause trouble of you pull a third out once its delay is down, then BOOM Dracocera to the face!

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Wow, my phone went stupid during that sentence. Apologies. Haha!

Should of proof read.