Nerf super distraction

Refrement itself is fine (I guess). But its signature move is way too OP. Ots a priority inpact that cant be avoided so you’ll take the full amount of damage turn 1 (plus DOT damage) and to no damage in return. You cant distract, you cant dodge, even flocks fear this move. Unless you can somehow outspeed ref with a priority sheild or kill move its going to kill your dino instantly and give ref a rampage to use. Please nerf this move

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Now, on this, I agree with. I just fought a ref and it absolutely demolished my team, here’s a pic of it killing my earl (I call Erlidominous earl for short cuz why not :upside_down_face:)

How many nerf threads can you make in a week?

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It is 6 levels higher than your erlidom. Also erlidom isn’t any great in general especially at being an anti cunning.

I know, but as you can see I don’t have any resilients on my team right there, so I couldn’t have won that battle either way

That just sounds like you got unlucky.


That’s an unfortunate dropper situation, so there was nothing you could’ve done, which is a seperate issue.

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Yeah, they were in gyro and I fought them in estate

Super Distraction back to 1x damage but still has no delay. literally the ONLY thing I can think of that will help keep it having a use

Maybe just take off bleed, bleed is to get rid of reisilent tanks, so a pure cunn8ng has no reason for it


The stun needs to be taken away 100%. It’s just purely unnecessary rng


Get rid of the DOT
A pure cunning has no business having an anti-tank mechanic when it’s supposed to lose against tanks


Yeah. Needs a rework. Nerf!

I agree with the following: remove DoT and stun because dot makes it good against what its supposed to be beaten by, and stun because it’s extremely frustrating when it does land, especially when your creature has stun res.

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Honestly, yes, Nantem needs a nerf. Remove the DoT and nerf the health back to 4200–having a T1 option and slightly better resistances was all Nantem really needed.

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Should nantem either get verfed or nerfed

  • A: Verf it (meaning nerfing into the ground)
  • B. Nerf it

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