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Nerf Superiority Strike


This move is getting out of hand. Every opponent o get is just spamming this move constantly. It needs a cooldown or drop the cleanse off of it. The area has just become stego after stego after stego and any other dino that has it spamming this move over and over. There’s absolutely no variety in the arena anymore. At least with the raptors they had low health and could be taken out in a couple hits.


I don’t think it needs to be nerfed.

I don’t think every second dinosaur and its triassic grandmother needs to have it, but I don’t think the move itself needs to be nerfed.


Exactly. The move itself is a nice addition to the game, but far too many dinosaurs can self-cleanse now. It’s making dinosaurs that rely on debuffing (such as monolophosaurus, for instance) short of useless. Self-cleansing should be a specialized move, not something everything has.


The reason I’m saying it needs nerfed is because it’s literally being spammed every single turn by dinos with it. That means while the speed debuff only lasts one turn it gets hit with that debuff again the very next turn. You can pretty much gaurantee you’ll be down a third of your speed every single turn unless you manage to get an immune dino out. There’s unfortunately so many more dinos with this move than immune dinos.


It’s a weak move. If they’re spamming Superiority Strike only, then even if you’re slowed you’ve got the advantage of using far more powerful attacks than are being used against you.

It’s a good move, and honestly needed to be added to expand the diversity in the meta. I just think they went a little overboard in placing the move; half the commons that got it certainly didn’t need it (I’m looking at you, Stegosaurus, with your Thagomizer already doing the job better).


Hit their tank Dino’s with anti tank dinos. Most that have it are a tank just don’t expect a hard counter to definetly win with the recent buffs to tanks


Use a T-rex if they do that. Slow it down all you want, it’s already one of the slowest. And you’ll probably kill them in one hit.


Trex can’t 1 shot hardly anything anymore gorgosuchus copied his move and on a faster body I would go with gorgo and baryonx those two went from useless to arena destroyer. Gorgosuchus with a his buff can do 4k 1 hit baryonyx a little less Both break shields


Yeah the move makes sense for ouranosaurus, which was useless until the update. But powerful tank dinos definitely don’t need it. The update didn’t balance anything. This game went from raptor mania to stegosaurus. I was running four different raptors before now I just switched them out for stegs and tanks.


I’ll always be opposed to nerf.
That will cause a lost for players spent DNA. time and coins (even cash for incubators) on these dinos.

So…I think we’ll need some counter-superiority moves.
For example, 1 turn immunity & additional counter attack bypass armor.


I kept leveling my T-rex and it’s a 20 now, so it does quit a bit of damage and can take a couple hits against the right opponent. I get a decent amount of critical hits most nights. If possible, I slow the opponent down with another dino right before it dies and then bring in my T-rex to deal the final blow and open up the stronger attack for whatever they bring in next. I’ve gotten plenty of double kills like that.


Buffing everything other than your dinosaur is exactly the same as nerfing that dinosaur, just in a more disguised way. Like in this update, raptors got nerfed hard. Most of the kept their abilities intact and just do a little less damage, not really a nerf, but with so many counters added… yes, they got nerfed.


^this. it is an elite ability, that should be reserved for elite dinos. giving it to commons is overdoing it.


What about the players who spent those same resources to build balanced teams getting screwed over when situations like this come up? Either way someone’s loosing their time and resources on an unbalanced situation.


I think it’s a good thing, all I was fighting against was raptor after raptor after raptor now you have to change the fight plan, no biggy. Save the raptor for finishing moves, last ditch wins. That’s what I do now. Good update guys :+1:t2: Keep it going


whats the difference? now all you fight is tanks with superiority strike. same problem, just different dinos.


I think it should be nerfed ever so slightly to match the Therizinosaurid basic speed up strike.
It would be most fair if it was -10–15%/+10% with higher percentages being assigned to moves with CD’s like Thagomizer.
I think they just went a little overboard on trying to develop counters for the raptor meta.
I think this would be avoidable if we had more immunity creatures/hybrids. Ankylocodon found its way onto my team fast in this new debuff meta


i completely agree. it already slows down the opponent which made raptors fall out of meta but raptors also had decreased power so they fall short against most dinos. superiority strike doesnt need to cleanse. it already made tanks meta and stegosaurus is shining bright right now. the cleanse saves from pounce but what about debuffers? they are completely trash tiered just because this move cleanses. it already is a strong move without the cleanse but with it its op.



Just use a dinosaur with immunity or that only buffs itself (more damage, more critical, more speed etc). Or both :wink: