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Nerf tenontorex

I understand ita an exclusive but its way to powerful. The fact that it can counter every class of dino plus a 20% crit chance is ridiculous

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a lot of top players have dropped Tenontorex … he’s ok. the boost’s are the problem.
mine is at 30 … doesn’t always work.
he is very susceptible for swapps, he cannot break shields in the first round.


Tenontorex is completely fine, even though it’s damage can be ridiculous in some cases. Tenontorex is in my opinion very important raid creature (especially for mortem), moreover if you’re in the high aviary, property boosted tenontorex is very good against nitro thors and sick monolometrodons. It has few ok counters such as geminititan or magnapyrritor, so I don’t see your point. Surely overboosted Tenontorex with 3000+ attack, combined with lesser group heal and resillient strike can be annoyingly powerful, however do not blame creature, blame players who put all their boosts on it and broken matchmaking rules.


Tenontorex is absolutely fine just as it is. It is also very useful in some Apex raids.

Just like so many others that cry nerf, learn to identify where the problem is, either the creature itself or boosts. I think you’ll identify the common theme here.


Tenontorex is good, but not op. If it was OP, people wouldn’t be dropping it from their teams.


A very good duelist, but not a team sweeper by any margin. He’s usually a free kill once he’s done with the first dino.

Not OP at all. I would probably bench mine if there was boost reset today.

Tenontorex is fine as she is.

Tenoto is fine at the moment the only thing I would change about it is to swop resilient strike for decel strike. I don’t like the fact that it can 2 shot cunning creatures with strike moves
For this change you could give tenoto a distraction resistant maybe 50% just don’t think it should remove evasive.

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I agree, tenrex is ridiculous in terms of its stats and kit. At the very least it could use an attack nerf, it does way too much damage given its versatility.

TenRex is fine, it’s lower HP and speed balance out that high attack and kit, while also letting it be good for raids, and that doesn’t even mention how susceptible it is to swaps

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This dinosaur is very good since it is difficult to get it and invest time and resources in a good versatile dinosaur so get your own Tenontorex and stop complaining in the forums


How about we get to the root of the problem instead of just blind calling nerf with no reasonable or convincing reason for it. As others have commented, the creature itself is good and balanced. The problem is that there are too many babies who use their mom’s credit cards to buy boosts and have made tenon as well as many other creatures (Thor, Monometro, Pyro, Sarxis) an absolute pain. At this point, I say we should be nerfing the boosts.


The majority of tenrexs I run into have between 6.8k -over 7k health ( that’s on par with most tanks) with 3k attack and 120+ speed. Those are insane stats. It can deal with most chompers/tanks thanks to its speed control/bulk/attack and it completely destroys cunnings with its strike thanks to that enormous attack stat. That in combination with its kit and resistances make it ridiculous. It at least needs an attack reduction.

Even then, boosted Tenontorex is still beatable. You can use a faster or decel-immune dino and slow it down. You can distract it to force it to use resilient strike (and on something like Magna that can’t be slowed, it will maintain the speed advantage). There are still options for dealing with Tenontorex, even boosted ones. It’s not like some other dinos that don’t really have weaknesses that become nearly unstoppable with boosts.

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Eh I do think it needs to be toned down a bit. Because of its attack stat players are free to boost its other stats, which when combined with its kit make it a monster. That and it has very useful resistances. I’m not advocating for it to be nerfed to the ground, I just don’t think it should have as much attack as the t-rex.

Thats the one area where I too could see it being nerfed a bit, but even then not too much (maybe down to like 1800). It simply isn’t one of the problematic dinos in the meta right now. Yes Tenontorex is relatively easy to boost because of it’s strong stats, but it doesn’t become unstoppable when it is boosted. You still follow basically the same gameplan to beat it, you just might need to be similarly boosted to beat it (just as you would with any dino).

If you’re seriously trying to tell me that Tenontorex’s Resistances and Kit make it far harder to deal with

Than a Wildcard like Monolorhino’s

Then you need to face some truly monstrous Monolorhinos.

If my Erlidominus can easily handle a monster Tenontorex, or set it up for an easy revenge kill, then I don’t think Tenontorex is a real problem.

I face plenty of mrhinos, but they are more of a nuisance than being monstrous like tenrex. Tenrexe’s stats are unmatched, meanwhile a heavily attack boosted rhino (with 1 1.5 mutilplier) will have 2k attack. Not even comparable to the 7k, 3k 120 +speed jack of all trade tenrex that has an impact and rampage with a 20% crit chance. The thing can destroy just about anything 1v1.

She is fine although the damage base is too high but still easy to kill in the next round unlike thor who still trying to land instant charge to you or monolometrodon who always outspeed your Dino.