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Nerf Testacornibus

Since everybody worked so hard in the tournaments and got a whole flood of Testacornibus DNA, this thing has been wrecking havoc on the…

Yeah, you’ve probably already figured out that this is a joke. It happens regularly that after tournament rewards and special events, people level-up their dinos and these nerf threads come out of the woodwork. I appreciate the frustrations many have with the arena, but can we try something else rather than these inexplicit “nerf threads?” I have a few suggestions below:

  1. Specific Kit Suggestions.
    Rather than saying “nerf this creature,” perhaps try making up your own variations on the kits and posting that. Posting “nerf X” and making everybody else figure it out is lazy. Try bringing something to the conversation, because just saying “nerf” is nothing new.

  2. How Do I Counter It?
    Encountering a new foe is frustrating, and I get it, but rather than assuming that every dino that defeats you is OP, try asking the community for assistance. Most here are glad to offer suggestions, and you’ll get a lot less backlash by asking for help than stomping in and asking Ludia to destroy our teams.

  3. Seeking Alliance
    I get it, seeing somebody else get 400 Tenontorex DNA while you get 50 is frustrating. Consider seeking a new alliance. There are thousands, and we can help you find a better one. Be clear what you’re looking for (Level 20 sancs, relaxed atmosphere, etc.) and people here will help you find a new home.

If none of these work for you, try searching the dino you want nerfed to see if a thread already exists. It probably does.
And maybe other people have suggestions below. Happy playing folks.


While I don’t think Testacornibus needs a nerf personally (though I do think it’s been underrated), I totally agree with this point.


I was joking on the Testacornibus.

But then I decided to turn it into a constructive topic rather than one simply poking fun at Nerf Threads.


Yeah I know, I just didn’t want you to think I wanted to.

Specific suggestions are always better than just saying “X needs a nerf”. Ludia hears the call for a nerf, but without being given a specific direction may not make the choices you want them to (heck, they usually don’t do this even with suggestions). My favorite potential example of this is when everyone was saying “resilients are OP and need to be nerfed” after 2.0, and then they were confused when Ludia did nerf resilients like Dsungaia and Ankylosaurus in 2.2 and 2.3. Ludia did nerf resilients, so you can’t fault them there, just the wrong ones. That’s why we need to be specific!




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This is an excellent post @Acerglyn and I agree with what you are saying 100%.

Testa is clearly op and needs a nerf, and when everyone has a Tenontorex next month I will be most upset if that isn’t nerfed too.

I don’t mean to be a whiner but every Dino that I don’t have in my team should be nerfed, because otherwise it simply isn’t fair. People say I should just ‘get good’ but that’s way too hard and takes way too much time and effort.

I don’t want to spend money, I only want to play for a few minutes every other day, and I want to be in the top 100, is that too much to ask for?



Well said. 100% agree with your points.

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Semi related, but I find the duality of “mrhino is too OP” and “mrhino needs a buff” from the low level crowd that got it early hilarious. I suspect we’re going to have a similar situation with tenrex next month.


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i’m jealous for sure. but i at least can see where i would have to improve to reach that 400 at some point. If my enjoyment in the arena ever comes back, i may end up looking for more.


They haven’t even nerfed it yet!

well said here here

Great topic @Acerglyn some great points.

@nerfousmaximus @Schtemty you both need to be careful what you wish for, when players begged for Procerathomimus and Indo G2 to be Nerfed they got exactly what they asked for, 2 unusable creatures and a new meta of counter Dino’s (resilients) for those two creatures.


if the datamine holds true, monolo is getting over nerfed. allosino will be able to take it out with relative ease.

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Good, I’m tired of seeing the purple menace in aviary just sweeping my team with the crutch it is.


Just gettin ahead of it :rofl:


This just made my day


But then again as players we wish for creatures to be counterable, not useless. I think it’s kinda on ludia for overnerfing them, and overbuffing resilients

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It’s kinda on Ludia for a lot of things, but we all know complaining on here does nothing usually unless it’s a nerf thread over and over again…

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