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Nerf Testacornibus

You have to ask things of them as if they’re toddlers. You need very clear instructions and can’t assume that they know what you know. Even still, they WILL fail to see that other shoe that’s literally a foot away from th-
Ugh! Fine! I’ll just do it…


You know you have to tell something to a toddler literally 13 times until it fully registers right?!

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I agree with everything you have said @Acerglyn. Although some people might not be too keen on leaving their alliance if they are in a chill atmosphere with many friends. Discord does exist tho…

They blurred out the word Discord in that post?! :joy: Like you force us to use their app to do raids :100:, but blur their name out on your forum? Blasphemy!

I blurred out discord for no reason not ludia xD

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Oh ok I was dying over here :joy:

Lol I would be too hahaha

Community: ok resilients are too strong

Ludia: nerfs dsungaia


I love how you misspelled Ludia.
That’s actually Spanish for Luida :rofl:

big brain

thanks for the correction btw

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