Nerf the "advanced extraction" daily mission

Cut the requirement to extract rare/epic dna in half, there’s just no way I can find 1830 rare DNA in a day in the wild without fusing as there’s a low chance of anything spawning anywhere. Now you could say that you could just fuse, but even that just gets you to a point where you have to waste coins that you could’ve put more use towards your dream team. Please nerf it or just do away with it!


In 6 hours there will be 18 rares for you to catch all over the map.
You can request 1000 useless rare DNA from your alliance every day.
You can fuse suchotator, purrolyth, etc.
You can just go out and play a bit, you run into rares all the time. Use 5 min scents, 20 min scents if you have any.
There was a blue strike event just now, maybe you did it already, but that’s another 700+ dna.

All in all, when planned correctly and taking this into account, you can easily reach 5k rare DNA every other day. For me it’s absolutely no effort whatsoever and I managed to get 2k rare every single time it’s asked.


Wait till you get 2000.
And what @Tielenaar said.

I agree with you. I get this mission (2000 rare each time) every a few days. My Purrolyth is reaching L21. I don’t use Suchotator but it is also at L21 and I can’t fuse now unless I spend coins to level up it. I am also flooded with Einia (Rare) and Diplotator DNA. This mission is really annoying. You can’t rely on scents as there is not always a rare scent available. Alliance donation may not be helpful if the time zones do not match. If this mission stays there, I second to OP that the amount should be halved.

Well, the only problem is that some people have a lot to do during the day, with limited access to a mobile device/service. I have long hours at work, but it isn’t the sort of job where I can take out my phone except during my lunch break. Some days unexpected things pop up in which I have to spend hours and hours away from service/access to my phone.

There is a possible solution, however.

Maybe make the Advanced Extraction like some of the PoGo goals. Like “collect the required rare (or better) dna.”

Keep the numbers the same, but open up the requirements a bit. This offers more fusion options, and just makes more sense in my opinion.

You are forgetting a couple of things here.
The rare requirements go up all the way to 2000, because you managed to reach that! That means you can do it. It goes down when you can’t, it goes up when you can. So the amount is based on your activity in the long run. It gets slightly harder every day, because the daily reward is supposed to remain a challenge. A bit harder every day. Luckily there’s a limit.

Second of all: If it was super easy to do with just about an hour of “couch” work, tapping around while doing nothing, it’s not really a challenge. It’s a reward for hard work. It’s not supposed to be easy, it’s not supposed to just give you free 100 epic per day. It’s there for the diehards to put a little extra effort in the game in order to achieve this. If you are not one of those diehards, then you do not deserve the reward.

You are asking the game to become easier because you are not able to do it. Then you might as well ask for more epic spawns near your house, double the amount of incubators when you win a battle, etc.

You don’t NEED to get the 100 Pachy every day. Just as much as you don’t NEED to walk to that T-rex you see at 300m away when you just got into bed.

The whole concept of the game is to work for your rewards. To get out. To get some exercise, some fresh air! Do it!

You are right. If the reward is attractive, I would try my best to make it. Now it is Pachy, I am less motivated, but still I manage to complete them every day. I go out to find Rares at night, but it is rainy these days and it is difficult to go out darting.

Whoa there, bud, let’s calm down there for a second. It’s a mission that can literally be completed by fusing dinos, so don’t go acting like it’s a “diehard mission”.

And please, stop with the escalation thing, alright? We’re not trying to just make the whole game easier, just making observations. This is one mission that, quite frankly can be annoying. Impossible? No. You do have to remember, though, that sometimes you can only just complete the mission. And guess what? You scraped by, by the skin of your teeth, and then have to do it over and over again.

(Of course, as you know, not everyone lives near the monthly reward dino, so that is their only chance to get the dna)

And also, DO NOT play the “get out and exercise” card when some of the problem is people working or doing other activities. I’m on my feet at least 8 hours per workday, and I’m sure a lot of other people are, too.

Opening the mission requirements would be fine, and guess what? The numbers will continue to climb, just like they should, and get harder, just like they should. However, it would give you more time to build up dna in different areas, more time before you have to scrape by, encourage fusing different dinos, and reward you for fusing epics, legendaries, and uniques that you otherwise wouldn’t use.

You don’t have to get all up in arms when someone makes a suggestion, or is voicing their troubles. Be considerate, constructive, or just say “Eh, I personally think it’s fine” and leave it at that, or don’t say anything.

I did not attack you in my reply, but you automatically whipped around and called people lazy, saying they wanted handouts. Please try to be civil and constructive.

I’m also not attacking you in any way, hope you don’t take any offense but as far as I can see I am still polite :slight_smile:
It might not be a diehard mission, but when you have to collect 2k rare every other day, it just requires quite a lot of activity. More than an hour or two per day is pretty much actually.
But that’s the whole point. The reward is there to reward activity. If you worked hard all day and come home to unwind, then why do you expect a game that wants you to spend hours a day outside to be easy? If that’s the case, then this aspect of the game is just not your cup of tea. You don’t need a game to change when you don’t want to take part in it. All games are about challenges, all games become more difficult over time. And this game is very forgiving when you don’t. You can stay at a certain activity level and still enjoy it. There are always players around you who are of similar activity or level.

We’ve seen these suggestions a lot. We’ve seen these complaints a lot. Many people find 2k too much, many people find 10 fuses too annoying and many people find RNG too unfavorable for them. The way I read that is simply as: “The game is not 100% tailored to my wishes, so I’m here to complain.” (Which they do seem to have time for, and not for grinding some rares)
I find that unnecessary. I don’t want the game to become easier. It’s doing that a lot already. Before, there weren’t even any daily rewards. So they are an extra. And if you can’t do it, then don’t. Suggestions here on the forum are welcome, but explanations like mine why it’s fine to be in the game as it is… well, that’s also one of the possible answers.

Every single one of those other daily missions take little to no time at all. One of the attractions of JWA vs. PoGo is the ability to do exactly what you are saying is frowned upon, “couch” work. With the battles tab, these daily quests that can almost entirely be done from home, and the ability to interact with strike towers from 150 meters away, not to mention the new sanctuaries, if I truly wanted to, I could never dart a dino and still advance my team. That is one of the appeals of this game. If ALL I do is couch work then yeah maybe I don’t deserve the daily rewards, but not everyone can afford to spend hours walking around for rare DNA, so if I take an hour to walk around and dart rare dinos, that should be enough. He isn’t saying that it NEEDS to be removed entirely, he’s asking for a more reasonable daily quest, or a reduction to the current one to make it more reasonable. That is the only one of those 6 that would take more than an hour. And as a side-note, you did seem very condescending and ready to dismiss us as lazy when referring to the people on the other side of the argument whether you meant it or not.

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I agree with Tielenaar.

I stopped caring about this game awhile ago. I’m happier now. I play purely for the enjoyment of it, and don’t care about missions or rank. It is meaningless to me.
My wife is more important than a mobile game.
My children are more important than a mobile game.
My pets are more important than a mobile game.
My job is more important than a mobile game.
Maintaining my home is more important than a mobile game.
Maintaining my real world friendships is more important than a mobile game.
Maintaining my shiny new car is more important than a mobile game.

I agree, for those who have the time to play this game all day, they should be rewarded generously. They are the ones that are most likely to support our game monetarily as well.

Thank you for being a diehard.

For those who have the time, it IS super easy to achieve these rewards.

Thank you

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Mine’s up to 2000, but honestly it’s not the mission i’d have nerfed. That goes to the daily battle requirements and daily arena incubator missions, basically anything that obliges me to put myself through the torture that is arena. Even saving strike events doesnt always help especially if ends up like today where there were only 2 1 battle events to eat into the 12 battle requirement

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I’d happily have the rare mission nerfed, more than the battles.

The amount, 2000 is doable, but not fun, but what i’d feel should be nerfed is the frequency of the rare mission, not necessarily the amount.

I’ve had it for 3 days in a row now, 1920, 1930, 1940. I mean yeah ok they are achievable, but why 3 days in a row?

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Like I said, I don’t think the mission needs the numbers to be reduced, but allowing epics, legendaries, and uniques to be counted towards the number makes it more doable/enjoyable. It gives motivation to fuse more dinos, which you might end up using, and rewards you for spending the coins and dna before you get the creature to level.

And, @DragonHunter, yes, this game is not more important than real life, but we are allowed to have our opinions. There’s no need to point that out in this particular discussion, seeing as we’re all on the forum to talk about the game.

For me, it’s not the question of getting out and doing it. It’s the requirements go up but not the DNA rewards. Whether it’s a 1800, 1920, or 2000 rare DNA requirement, I only get 100 DNA.

If @DragonHunter stopped caring about this game, why would he take the time to read this post? Or spend his time in this forum rather than not “maintaining” some aspect of his life?

Yeah good suggestion. Epics should count towards the goal too. But apparently there is also a mission that requires a certain amount of epic dna, so that one should be scrapped altogether then. I have never seen it, but some people more than once.
The frequency of the blue requirement is a tad high. Every other day for me on average I think. It does feel like the game doesn’t really give you a break, but then again, why should it :slight_smile: It’s designed to make you play as much as possible and to trick you into buying things to complete the things you want. The sooner you understand this, the easier you can accept how it is and move on.

The thing is, people complain about 12 missions being too much, 2k rare being too much, 6 interactions being too much, 1 friendly mission being too much. Too much too much, blabla. It’s never good enough for everyone.
It’s not too much, you’re just not active enough. It’s simple. You don’t need to reach all goals. But if you set that goal for yourself, then you accept the consequences. if you find it too much, then don’t participate.
Here I read that 100 rare is even a challenge for someone, so what is it gonna be? I’d love to run into a day where I finally am unable to complete all missions, because they pose too much of a challenge.

Here’s what I do:
I wake up. I find a 2k rare mission. I request 500 Charlie dna. I open my 8 hour incubator if I have any running, or some other small ones I left from the day before. I look around, I might find one rare and I dart it for at least 150. I go to work, check around my office before I enter, I dart another rare. Every hour or so I check around, usually finding one or two more during the day. 3 hours into the day I request another 500 rare, maybe Einiasuchus or something daft. After it completes it’s almost time for the daily reset and new incubators will pop up, my counter is already at about 1400+ dna. Some strike events further and if there’s a rare one I already reached my 2k goal. If not, then I pop up some 5 min scents and hope for the best.
If, after all this, my counter is still below 2000 when I am about to go to bed, I fuse some rares. This is only necessary maybe 1 out of 15 times and I don’t have to fuse much. This way I always have something left to fuse. Suchotator is only level 8, never had the need to level it up for this purpose.
3 days a week there is rares all over the map, 2 days a week there are epic strike events and 2 days a week there are rare strike events. On average there might be one or maybe two days when it becomes tricky. This week, check the calendar. Only Monday should pose a challenge.
How do you guys do it? What steps do you skip? Why is it a challenge?

I honestly don’t know why you guys are complaining about my tone or whatever. You’re a sensitive bunch, my goodness. Dutch bluntness is to blame for that I suppose, but really man… Never been on an online forum before? There has never been any as polite as this one, and I’m one of the polite ones.

They originally want the missions to be easy and it should be able to complete them within two short sessions.
If there is a hard mission which consume too much time, it need to be nerfed.

I now enjoy the game. I don’t care about the aspects/requirements of the game.

There are those who are extremely dedicated to it, and have set their goal as being on or in the top players of the game they are willing to put in the time and money necessary to achieve this goal . There are those who want a free ride, or everything to be easy. There are those who just play to enjoy the game.

Me, after playing since nearly the release, having originally been more towards the first category, and since then realizing the folly of such an endeavor, I have chosen to just play the game and not care about the details of the “daily requirements”. I find the game far more enjoyable and rewarding now. To each, his own.

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This was a long time ago. Since then requirements have changed considerably. It now (if you want to complete the daily requirements) takes several hours, depending on your location. So much has changed since then.

I’d like to see someone complete the daily requirements of today in 20 minutes to an hour. lol 12 arena battles? All the DNA needed? With many of the challenges, it’s simply not possible.

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