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Nerf the flock

How about doing some actual balance from time to time
Ive just had 3 battles against the unique flock at a tiny lv21
I have 23-26
Beats 3 of my creatures
Since u had the brilliant idea of giving the flock 3 bloody extra lifes
How did any of u actually thought this was good?
The compy g2 is already annoying as heck
Let alone the unique hybrid which basically beats everything.


Counter attacks, bleed and group attacks work great against the flocks. I can say this because my tiny lvl 21 Compsocaulus does its job of beating creatures without those parameters.


Ik those are its weaknesses
But, tryko lv 25 died only taking one life away(took technically 2 but healed)
Then with a 7k hp 1.5k atk gemini still didnt do much
As it got the heal again switched to a creature jist to sacrifice and came back to kill said gemini
Its not s perfect creature
But it definitely stands a bit too strong
Especially for 2 regular creatures needed.

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Was you Tryko partially lowered in hp?

4095 hp, full
1.5k atk
And it left the battle with 2 bars to sacrifice a 56hp maxima
Came back and finished my tryko
The compy was 21 no boosts at all


Maybe ask Ludia for a guide to teach you how to fight against those creatures?
That seems to be your issue, tbh.


Composed is annoying, but balanced. The traditional resilients lose to it, but Gemini beats it, especially if you boost it right, Dio does well, especially in boosted arena, and Jm surprised no one mentioned this, but Spinocon actually does really well against this thing, given that it can dodge and bring the flock down with a combo of PR and counter


Well no wonder it beat you Tryko 4k hp is pretty low, I was expecting to hear 5k+ hp.

Sorry that i didn’t play for 4 years and bought 500 boosts

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Why is it having 3 lives?
That only specific creatures work?
Why dont we do that with gemini magna
Thor etc
Why has speed dodge distraction and speed imune besides that
Something like phorus , erlidominus or erlikospyx that is all about its speed doesn’t have immunity, or about 7 resistance

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they absorb the damage thata why you only kill one of them

So, because you didn’t “play for 4 years and didn’t buy 500 boosts” they should nerf a certain creature?

How about you build something or maybe even two that counters them?


Games on its 3rd year anniversary, just try and build things which help counter them.


With Absorb, flocks can withstand powerful attacks and keep fighting, only losing one flock member at a time! But watch out for group attacks, these can take out an entire flock at once!

There is something I don’t get here. In raids, group attacks are applied equally to each opponents. Here it seems that is not the case. Are we sure Ludia implemented this as intended?

Even an undistracted geminititan with 20 boosts in damage cannot OHKO a compsocaulus with 20 boosts in health…

It doesn’t seem to me that it makes sense when I look at what Ludia said in the release notes regarding Absorb.


Or can Ludia let us know which group attack can take out an entire flock at once?

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It’s effectively like fighting 3 separate dinos and completely ridiculous. You use a good attack and it is absorbed. You kill one or if you’re lucky 2 with a group attack and next thing you know one comes back to life! They hit like a hammer, and once again Ludia have created a nonsensical complete pain to ruin the arena. As if it isn’t bad enough as it is.

Dinos like Tryko should be able to hold their own against this annoying flock but no… and even it’s supposed counter Gemini needs to be way higher and heavily boosted to stand a chance.

Great job Ludia.


With so many P2W players complaining about apex creatures and F2P players catching up, Ludia probably decided to release this new creature to help P2W players (and their bottom line as a lucky consequence)…


Compycalus isn’t that hard to beat. The problem is that it’s best counters aren’t that prominent. Poukendactylus shreds it while indo gen 2 walls it. But even still, you got others like skoona and smilo and even monolorhino that can take it. It’s just anti-meta, that’s all


I really want to level-up my Skoona. This weekend should help, and hopefully the spawns rates are OK next week… :grimacing:

Anything cost effective that can take it? I know dio can, but anything else that doesnt require an exclusive?

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