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Nerf the flock

you should try compsognathus gen 1 bro it’s the best :wink:

You’ve already told me this in our alliance lol

oh damn i didn’t realise it was tha same raptor lol. I’m just spreading the gospel

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thors defense shattering rampage is a group attack

Apexs would like a word :joy:. Seriously though nothing should one shot something else especially turn 1

Actually based on my experience in the tournament Dioraj is okay but their are others also no lux doesn’t counte unfortunately.

You have skoona which is the best, then Enteloania, then mammolania, nemys, Mrhino, dioraj, Orion, poukandacty and finally spinoconstrict.

Bro, Entelolania is a monster in dealing with flocks. It was my number 1 problem dino to face in the last tourney with my 2 flock members on my team

Yup just constantly PFS and Dig-in destroys any flock in its tracks

If you can output a full health bar of damage in a group attack, it kills. I done that in towers. PvP works different?

1 Apex can do that. The next 2 can do a decent kill job. the next 2 might as well be used as trophies to show off.

Flocks are on par with Apexes if the conditions are right. Remember most players dun have CompoC at team level so we are seeing something even more OP than Apexes for the level difference.

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