Nerf the flocks!

Nerf! All the flocks they are way to op. I use an Indoraptor and they pull out a compsognathus any level and I’ve lost.


No? Indoraptor beats a compy, you’re just playing wrong


If indoraptor has taken some damage then yes it will lose.

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First, indo sucks.
Second, most of them are somewhat balanced.
And third, there should simply be more group damaging moves in the game and more creatures that have them.


I have indoraptor in my team with a lot of bost on it so what do you mean it sucks

I’m not sure about all the flocks, but I def think Argent needs a nerf. I’ve seen someone suggest something similar to Coel (I think) where their healing ability only heals when they are down to one bird. I think that would suffice to making Argent more bareable.

But for me the biggest issue is that there just doesn’t seem to be many viable dinosaurs that have group attack, and most that do are slower so they get pretty beat up or die before killing the bird. There are a few decent ones, Ankyntrosaurus for example, however that potato isn’t exactly the best tank to have in your roaster, despite being very cool. As for Indo, that could also be a viable option! Depending on leveling, boosting, etc. In a “fair” fight, i.e. same level no boosts, I can see it beating the birds a good chunk of the time, even the aforementioned Argent. Mainly because it’s faster, can cleanse, and dodge.


Yeah i normaly use cunning strike cunning strike cleansing impact then armor piercing rampage to be sure ive finished them. Why there is 2 cunning strikes is because most people will use alert the flock so you need another hit…

your saying all flocks so technically you want a sinosauropteryx nerf?

haha very valid


we don't talk about argenteryx

coelhaast is pretty balanced

At least it rally heal at 33%

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It’s one of the worst uniques because it can’t 1v1 most of them if they are on the same level and isn’t a particularly good raid creature. I often face indos that are three or more level higher than my creatures and still beat them. The only ones that can be troublesome are nitro indos but that’s about it.


My indoraptor is at level 25 with a level 9 hp boost and a level 6 attack boost and a level 6 speed boost so like it’s not bad

I use it as well, and i can say it is destroyed by flocks if the flocks play right, and destroyed by any resiliant with sheilds

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That’s just the Boost Build for it, which isn’t even that great for a boosted dino. They were referring to Indo’s stats and kit, which suck, and are a few of the worst for a Unique (As it really should be)

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I used indoraptor for a lot of things and I won with indoraptor now tell me that

Ive said it before and ill say it again - “Balance only matters when you’re the one losing.” :stuck_out_tongue:

In fairness, Rally Heal should never apply until the Flock creature is on its final health bar.

Outside of that, you should be using powerful armored Resilients or creatures with decent counterattacks against Flocks, not a slower Indoraptor :rofl:


Epics and maybe rares and legendaries DESPERATELY need more anti flock counters especially hybrids

4 back to back Argent tourneys is TOO much


I’ve heard a definition about OP creatures that say: they are OP if they beat their supposed counter.

Flocks’ counter are group attacks.
No group attack hits through dodge, no group attack removes distraction.
All flocks have evasion and distraction moves.
All flocks are OP.

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