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Nerf the gorgotrebax raid

The fact that its 4 brutal rounds for 15 dna for a dininthats nit even that good us just ridiculous. Trebax is kinda good but because of the resilient meta he’s almost useless. Anyone who has trebxa and uses him is in an area where everyone has tons of resilient creatures making trebax pretty much useless. Not to mention the 20% crit chance that allows it to 1 shot your entire team during the raid. Its just ridiculous that we have to try so hard for 4 rounds to get the dna of an apex creature that isn’t that good. Which it should be considering that it’s an apex


I dont think that it needs nerfed and the reason people are´t using it could be the fact that is is not at the right level for there team or the simply don´t have the boosts to make it good. We are getting a boost shuffle here soon so maybe we will start seeing more of gorgo in the arena.


There’s a lot of randomness in this raid and not many ways to mitigate it. I totally feel the frustration here - triggering revenge at the wrong time because of crits is the absolute worst.

While i think it’s a bit too RNGy trebax is the only raid where it’s realy hard to actualy have carry strats, and is actualy the only boss i haven’t deafeted yet(i could problably raid with some ppl on discord but i preffer to raid with my alliance)

So maybe remove some of the RNG but other then that it’s fine


We just use the Tuora, Mortem, Monolorhino and Gemini strat. Monolorhino takes care of the crits, you don’t have to worry about RNG. Hasn’t failed us yet. You can also use Dio instead and that works well.
As for whether it needs a nerf, I’m neutral.

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I want GORGOTREBAX to have more speed, since it is very slow for someone in his class, and resistance to deceleration, since the other Apexes are immune to deceleration.

The only thing that needs to change about Trebax raids is the inconsistency of Revenge. I believe it’s supposed to active once both minions have been defeated. Sometimes it gets Revenge when one is defeated, sometimes both, and sometimes it doesn’t gain Revenge once both are defeated (even though the effect shows up).

It’s working as intended. The implementation is just odd. From the 2.0 patch notes:

Revenge Abilities During Raids

Will trigger if your team lost a creature last turn . Note that revenge bonus will not trigger if your team loses a creature this turn (before you act).

True. with gorgo being able to be declerated it is compltly usless agains resilients, and some mortems are probably faster than gorgo which means gorgo is a 1 shot.


Raids are too easy as they are now.


could you send me that strat? I might give it a try, crits hurt

This one works for us (TheDanes) every time

Not our strat…ALL credit goes to YupItsMe

I love that this raid is considered the hardest of all the current Apex raids, yet Trebax herself is considered the ‘worst’ Apex so far even if it’s the resilient moves to blame.

I’m neutral to this, but I’m mostly that way because anything over 3 rounds is boring. I’d rather they keep the difficulty, but tone it down to 3 rounds somehow.


Round 1 can be extended by 1 turn and it still works. You can also improvise with lower levels to some degree.
I’m not sure if the notes are accurate or not.

No, thank you, if you wanna raid something easy, try with carno… APEX equals hardest raids…


I think that if Gorgo had three rounds, it would be just as hard. While it’s frustrating with how hard it is to fight Gorgo, it’s really the length of battle that gets me. Mortem Rex is the Crit master of Apexes - only haves two rounds. Magnus - the Randomizer. Three rounds, bit manageable.

Gorgotrebax? Crit master, Randomizer, Soul Snatcher, Revenge Abuser… 4 rounds. I just want to take away a round and make it 3 total. It can keep its difficulty, just have one less step.