Nerf the ranger's legendary bow

Seriously, tired of having my team one shot by legendary weapon procs that kill all four of my guys.

That’s not skill.

It’s unimaginative.

It is quite possibly the largest deterrent for playing an entire aspect of the game.

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I agree 1000%! My hero’s are level 12/13 and if I see that bird at level 10 or more with a green bow I know I have to kill him first or my whole team is dead. Highly unfair


This issue was reported when they released the arena patch.
It also happens only on battle mode on the ENEMY SIDE when its a BOT.
Because when mine proc, it barely hits enemy characters for 400-500 dmg.
At first, the proc was actually hitting for 150 000 dmg.

This was taken march 20, 2019.
Since then, they have changed the proc so that it does pretty much the same damage, but instead of been 1 arrow of HUGE proportion, its now 20-25 arrows of 500 - 2 000 dmg. Yet the result is the same: complete 1 shot on a lane.

This is to show that even after 2 months and a half, they are not even close to resolve this issue.
This kind of problem is game breaking, yet they ignore it.
But when you have anything that is too good for the user to have, they nerf it INSTANTLY.
-The legendary bow used to attack everything on the battle field for 150%, it got nerfed to 125% and to 1 lane 75%. So right now, if i proc it, i do less damage if I do not need the aoe proc.

  • Aoe disarm from the wizard: used to be disarming for 2 turns, 150% dmg, 4 turn cd. Now 1 turn disarm, 4 turn cd, 100% dmg. YEAH!

By nerfing to much stuff, they prevent players from progressing in the campain.