Nerf the Rixis already!

Rixis needs Ferocious Impact to be changed to Ferocious Strike; It also needs to have it’s resistance to speed decrease changed from 100% back to 0%. Like it’s ridiculous in the Tournament this weekend. If you got dealt the good RNG hand and your Rixis is one of the 4 on your team, and the opponent did not draw their Rixis. If boosted properly, that match is 9 times out of 10 going to be a W in your corner. The opposite applies to your opponent getting their Rixis and you not getting yours, you end up with a L. And when both receive their Rixis in their hands, it matters who has the higher level and was willing to drop 20 speed boosts on it. And in the rare event that neither party has the Rixis drawn in their battle team, that’s when the tournament becomes interesting and fun. But only then. It amazes me that they’ve continued to let Rixis be this OP that the entire tournament depends solely on that one creature. Reminds me of the good ole days of tourneys with the Christmas bird, all that mattered was who boosted theirs higher and brought it out first without taking damage. Well, since everyone else complains when it happens, just remember, I too want a boost reset when you finally get enough complaints about the OPness of Rixis to nerf it. That’s what happened with Maxi, it got nerfed so they coyly had a boost reset during the entirety of an advantage tournament, so I hope we get a boost reset when you finally nerf Rixis. The bait and switch tactic gets older and older and older and I sincerely hope this is the last of it, find a new strategy, perhaps making the game not have so many matchmaking bugs, that’s a great foundation to start generating an income. have a game that can actually be played, instead of just watching the timer countdown only to get a picture of the arena and nothing else on the next go.


Ludia are probably waiting for enough people to have invested large amount of boosts and coins into it, then they’ll nerf it into the ground the same way they did Thor, dracorat, procerat, indo g2.


It can keep 4200 health , damage should be reduced to 1000 because both of it’s parent have 1000 attack, reduced speed to 109 because einiasuchus has 111 speed and sarcosuchus has 108 speed, removed GSS and replaced it with Lethal wound, removed deceleration resistance and replaced it with stun resistance


Actually, Deceleration resistance makes more sense for a fierce creature, Nundasuchus has it too. The combination of a DoT move and Immobilize could be really cool.


Please stop this, rixis is balance it just needs more counter. Buff gorgoauchus and postimetro instead


So with this logic magna and monolometrodon should have 119-120 speed

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I don’t think you can say a creature is balanced and it needs more counters. But yeah, those two definitely need buffs, and it would be interesting to see how that would work.


Rixis need slight nerf in damage (1100) and longer cooldown on stunning move. That way epic hybrids skill tournaments won’t be Rixis & Rhino party. Also would be little better in advantage tournaments.

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but grypolyth is also a crocodilian and it is with 106 speed
magna and monolo are fast creatures by thier nature

I’ve not taken the average I just estimated by it’s size

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Nah doesn’t need one, fine just the way it is…get your own strong one for the tournament

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Sacroixis is ok…no nerv!!!


Rixs is fine without boosts, & there’s your problem straight away, in all fairness I’m expecting it to get nerffed on the next update, the best to hope for is just his immunity to deceleration, but I’m not holding my breath considering what happened to dentist in 2.1

Thor is still too OP now with Rampage back. I know they are trying to adjust it as a raid creature but still keep it relevant in Arena as well, but Thor is ridiculous, and dracorat is annoying as well, but the 2x Rampage swap in it used to have was destructive and made me hate the aviary so much.

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I do have a level 29 with 0/9/20 on boosts and made sure my pyroraptor has a speed of 157 to finish off any that max boosted their speed like the last tourney we had with epic hybrids. But it shouldn’t get to be that a fully speed boosted rixis can pretty much win every battle for you.

Yeah had it happen to me last night, virtually first match heavy boosted rixs 3 shot my team even sped up beyond the speed of its counter spinosaurus

Ive done that pretty much 1 out of 6 battles maybe, on average that i actually draw Rixis, and they don’t have a Rixis at level 30 with speed boosted to 156 (then they win speed tie, mine’s only 29). And although i don’t get 3 shotted every time i don’t draw Rixis and the opponent does, but a majority of the time that is the outcome. And i put in countermeasures, but that’s what being in the top 100 in the tournaments requires of you. If rixis wasn’t so OP, then besides the 142 speed boosted T-Rexs, it would be an overall balanced mix of creatures for epic:all tournaments, at least that’s what i think. Before when procera was epic tourney king, often Rixis was the only countermeasure you had against those ridiculous boosted birds. And when procera fell from grace, I knew Rixis was gonna easily take over. They just need to get rid of the speed decrease resistance, and change the FI to a FS, that’s all it would take

It is balanced in general and has counters… but none of those counters are epic which is why it destroys tournaments

At base speed he’s 116 his counter is spino at 122 as I said earlier it not so much the Dino but the boosting by players, & as the boost system isn’t likely to change anytime soon, the only way for Ludia to bring about a correction or somewhat balance is through nerfs & buffs ,

Any of those changes will bring it down in tournament but make it rubbish in pvp maybe in the low levels it could still be used but in the higher just another throw on the pile and use in tournament only only. No thanks