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Nerf The Stupid Crocodile!

For god sake Ludia for the 1000th time please nerf sacorxis! It’s no fun to play in the arena with an overpowered epic that vacant kill off your whole unique team!


It really doesn’t matter if it’s an epic. If it was a Unique with the exact same setup would you still be complaining? What if you had a Rixis with the same stats, would you be complaining then?


Yes because I wouldn’t look down at someone that is weaker in their team a kill off half their team with the Dino. It’s unfair to other people. The stats are unbearable. At least get rid of one stun two stints is too powerful you face up against a Thor you imobilize greater stun ferocious impact it’s dead

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Personally I would still think it does too much damage, given how durable it is and how good it is at stalling with stun. At the unique level it’s more balanced (though still not unworthy of a small nerf), but Rixis isn’t a unique: it’s obviously an epic, so you unlock it much sooner, before you unlock anything else of the same power. So while it’s strong (but not super op) in the high level arenas, it IS when you first unlock it. So I don’t think you can ignore the rarity here: it probably needs a small damage nerf or something like that.


Yeah a remove of one stun a damage reduction with balance it out bc people in number shores have this Dino at level 30 which means it is truly op

Nublar shores I mean

100% agree and this is another example of the ludicrous lack of logic shown by Ludia.

There is no way to justify an epic having the ability to do what Rixis does, and since she is so easy to get players boost it from day one when they reach level 10.

What’s the point in grinding to get legendaries and uniques when this croc can easily take them out?


I might be inclined to agree with you but unfortunately I can’t agree with someone who runs two Dracorats. Yes I know you didn’t pick the team but I bet 7/10 times you will run swap in swap out over and over. They have the counter get over it.


I’m planning to swap out the unique bc it’s garbage compared to the legendary

Yet another example of the crazy way this game is becoming @Waterflame

Rixis has no shields and a lot of dinos have some sort of stun resistance. If you take away the stun feature, what move should replace it? If anything, I think the Immobilize move should be gone.

However, going back to no shields and it does not have a bypass armor move or break shields move, so if you nerf its damage output, it becomes a useless dino.

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It shouldn’t have a first move that does an extra 50% damage. It’s only an epic and many unique dinos don’t have a first hit as high as Rixis. The stun is useless in most cases, I agree… but resilient strike with the buff still makes it better than so many other legendary and unique creatures.


I totally agree

It just needs to not outdamage the fierce dinos that are supposed to counter it. The stun already helps them with Immobilize to GSS to Ferocious Impact. Right now FI plus a strike is 4875 damage. If it’s base attack was only slightly lowered to 1150, it would only do 4312.5, notably lower than the 4500 hp that most chompers have. That’s really all it would need. Remember, Rixis is a resilient: shields and armor aren’t supposed to be how you beat it, fierce dinos are.

I do like the ideas of either removing Immobilize or giving FI a delay too.


So then having a delay on F.I. would make it more palatable?

Yes it would @GTA

My monolometridon would laugh at these little Rixis y’all complain about. Yes it’s a difficult creature to beat but it’s definitely not Procerat level of annoying. This game will never be balanced in a way you think it should be. Not every creature is good and there will always be creatures that are hard to beat.

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Well there is no point of legendaries or uniques bc this Rico’s can take out almost anything.

So the only answer to a dino that’s too strong for it’s rarity is… another dino that’s too strong for it’s rarity? That sounds like a wonderful direction to take the game in…


We’ve all seen the same type of thread started, but I really wish the thread starter would give some sort of idea on HOW they would like it nerfed/buffed/fixed instead of just saying “Nerf X dino” or “Buff Y dino” and that’s it.

It seems to me that a 1 delay of F.I. would seem to appease most players. Yes, I agree that Rixis is powerful right off the bat, but there are some out there that are easy to make and either have a priority move or a speed up faster to get the first attack.

If Rixis has a delay of F.I. and it starts out with another dino that’s faster, Rixis now has to survive two moves before it can up its attack. Does that balance out Rixis?