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Nerf the swap ins

Mangnus dracoceratops and dracocerato and mrhino. They are so overpowered. I get magnus is apex and mrhino is exclusive but they are the most broken dinos in the game. Swap in savegru does too much damage. Dracoceratops is way too strong for how easy it is to get . Magnus has too much damage especially with a 20% crit chance. And mrhino is all but immune


Savagery I feel is fine. It gets hit extremely hard by armor, shields, rend resist, dodge and counters.

S-ISS does need a change, however. Personally I say remove the armor piercing component and lower the stun chance to 50%.


dracocera defintley needs a nerf with the fact it only requres to extremely common commons


I vote no on all of this


Dracoceratops’s savagery is countered by shields and armor, and really, it doesn’t do that much. Dracoceratosaurus is fine as well.

SISS could use a slight change, one that would be a different type - chance to pierce.

With that, SISS would be (75 changes to 66%) chance to stun, and the armor piercing is changed to 50% chance to pierce. This makes sense because armor piercing, combined with the stun, makes an OP move that counters too many things. But hey, at least it isn’t SISSS (Swap in shattering stunning strike)!

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You should have seen her in her heyday. She’s quite balanced now compared to back then.


With the bulk, cleansing, and lockdown immunity, I think Draco’s speed should be a some levels lower. Something small like that.


Draco savagery is countered by rend resistors ( I e magna) shields and armor
S-ISS however can only be countered by shields or dinos with immunity…

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Well, sometimes it is fun, as your opponent has no clue what’s coming.

Also at least we are not living in the era of swap in shattering rampage…


Draco is fine as it is, because many creatures have rend resistance and armor. Ceramagnus is too OP, swap-in bypassing armor and stun + group acceleration (both are linked to base damage which can be boosted) are two priority moves one after the other.

But the problem is that Magna is not so relevant in the arena any more. Many players benched it. How shield or armour would help dealing with dracorat when it has shattering strike/impact?

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There are 3 legendary and 5 unique creatures that have 50% resistance to rend. Only 1 or 2 are really worth having the rest are quite bad so your argument is rather weak.

Monolometrodon and Gorgotrebax have both 75% resistance to rend, for example, so it is not a so weak argument.

Who would want to use Monolometrodon now? Gorgotrebax is relatively new and ONLY unique/apex creature with 75% resistance to rend. Besides people don’t use it in upper arenas.

Dracoceratops is fine he can easily be countered by i rex for example

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Now tell me who the heck would swap a rat onto an i rex in the first place?

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Rend Resisters

  • Magna will now be used to counter the inevitable invasion of Sr. Scorpius.
  • Orion is still the king of the Aviary in my opinion, and even then is still extremely efficient.
  • The Flock is stupid in its own right x2
  • Trebax simply hasn’t really been unlocked yet, at least not be a lot of people.
  • MonoMet is still usable, and people do still have it boosted and stuff.
  • MonoRhino is one of the most used creatures in the game.


  • Mammolania is stupid
  • Mammotherium is also stupid
  • Skoonasaurus exists
  • Ceramagnus also has 30% armor.
  • Testacornibus is showing up more as a de-incentive for swapping.

Not to mention that DracoRat’s only resistance is to Swap Prevention, so can still be distracted, stunned and otherwise screwed around with.

I have to admit that out of all the swapping dinos draco is the one I dislike the most, the 40% hit on your Dinos health imo is excessive, forget the augment of rend resistance Dinos, there really isn’t that many, so your 9k health maxi is going to lose 3k+ of its health, then you can’t pin him for revenge because of swap prevention immunity, I can pin Magnus with gripo, which is apex , but not the rat ! As for mrhino he’s just canon fodder tbh , woolly rhino as a swap Dino is far better.

Honestly swap in damage of any kind needs to be reworked. I think if priority moves were able to act before them would help a great deal. I don’t run swap creatures personally because they are cheap to me. I know everybody else has them and try to plan accordingly. But if they simply make the swap effect occur after a priority move that would be enough for me.

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