NERF These Creature

Nerf Coelhaast and Argenteryx, they reduces damage, add dodge, and can heal with only a cooldown of 2. Every time I come upon these creatures in a battle it’s pretty much a guaranteed win for the opponent, I can put in thor and try to do as much damage as I can with the group cleaning destroyer, but because of the dodge I do little damage, then even if I do get its health low, it just heals the next turn. The only creature I can see that would be a good counter to these creatures is Fukuimimus but I don’t live in a place were Struthiomimus spawn. Either give some creatures a move that can counter them or nerf them.

Here are a few counters for coel and argent ankymoloch, antarctopelta, diplodocus etc. Also indoraptor gen is really good to counter them but the indo g2 has to be faster than them to counter them. But i don’t know how to counter fukui


Did you just trying to counter them with Fierce, ofc you would lose lol, use high hp and shields resillient instead


If you don’t have any creatures with group attacks try dot or use shield + counter combo. It is usually works against flocks

This thread might have been valid if it was a few months ago

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