Nerf this monster

Dear ludia,
I know many other people have probably complained about this but please nerf indo raptor gen 2. Cautious strike is to powerful for a basic move. Between the dodge, distraction, and speed increase it is nearly impossible to take it down once it gets going unless you have specific kinds of dinos. I feel that cautious strike has so many effects that its other moves do. Mutual fury cleanses and increases speed and evasive stance should be what it relies on for dodging.


I was forced to get Gemini and Ardentis just so I can handle them better

Get ready to get hit with the “learn to counter it” defense people that don’t want a nerf to IndoG2 love.


Got ardentis, but a base level one isn’t going to do much to the indos i face. And gemini is taking forever to create. :pensive:
spinoconstrictor would work if i could ever get it.


Ludia actually said they will (whatever that is worth is yet to be determined).

Cautious strike and Procera have been targeted for “readjustment.”

I haven’t leveled mine or put additional boosts on it after they made that announcement.


Does not need a nerf. It does have counters. Immunity and nullify works wonders


I’m not quite sure how to change it without making it pretty bad. I’ll say something though. I have lvl 28 IG2 and I face lvl 26-29 IG2. And they aren’t that tough compared to lvl 27+ maxima with tons of boosts. IG2 is just seen more earlier on in the arena. And a base level Ig2 is still a beast.

However, imho Ig2 is an ant compared to Maxima, Gemini, and Prorat at times. At least the thing can be slowed, bleeded for one turn, and its real power can be nullified.

I’m not saying a change shouldn’t happen at all but that the change has to be precise or this thing could become not very good at all. You change Ig2 you ought to look at those dinos too if you asked me. Nothing is more slow going and boring to kill as a Maxima with 10k hp and full immune dishing out damaging crits with slow/dsr/slow/dsr/slow/dsr/slow. I don’t want maxima to become bad either though. But sometimes with all those boosts its ridiculous. Same goes for Gem and ProRat. The boosts make them worse. You can slow Ig2 you can use precise or nullify. You can’t do much of that against Maxima and Gemini.

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beat over powered with also over powered.
a rework of all 4 sounds like a good start. But it has to be done in a way that doesn’t make them horrible. indo 2 is one of those that I can’t really find an answer for. The forums also can’t agree on how to rework it. Tho i think removing an immunity would make it a bit more manageable. Stun is my vote.

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Maybe if it can be stunned hmm that’s definitely not the worst idea I’ve heard. Since stunning is already dead because of Maxima, Gemini, ProRat, and Indo brothers lol.

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Just trying to bring it down to about the same strength of OG indo. Taking away an immunity and maybe one of the effects of CS would put it where i think it should be. Removing stun could make some stunners useful again and add a few more counters.

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I tend to fair well with dio and Orion against Indoraptor 2. As well as maxima. But that’s about all. If I don’t draw those; it turns into a guessing game and me lucking into a swap in counter dino like tryko to finish it off

I think that if it weren’t immune to stuns. CS wouldn’t have to be touched. Cs makes ig2 faster so more than likely it’s going first. If its stunned it loses a turn since it is faster. And by then the effects of distraction and dodge would wear off. If I’m thinking this clear.

My only problem with losing immune to stun would lead to Thoradolosaur. We all know everyone has an all maxxed Thoradolosaur. And it can instant stun you. And I’m pretty sure Thors stun is 90% chance. It’s nothing like Dilorachs chances.

Honestly I don’t struggle against Ig2 much. Kill or chip it down with tenrex. Destroy it with Orion or Maxima. Magna can be a good revenge killer on it if its hurt.

I was running the numbers on an old fave superhybrid. If indo g2 wasn’t immune to stuns a sarcorixis has a chance to beat it. Even if the rng on dodge is successful every time. Sarcorix would only have to land the GSS on turn two (using immobilize first) to win.
But i forgot about thors. :confounded:

Totally agree that it’s hard to nerf it, without “killing it”. And you don’t want to kill it because it’s one of the few high tyrants that need DNA from a dino that doesn’t spawn in the wild, so as such, sooo much harder to get anyway. Same thing would go for Gemintitan as an example. There’s some high tyrants that have all their components in the wild. Do you want to lower a Indo Gen 2 or a Geminititan to a lower level than something like Ardentismaxima which is much easier to get?

Instead of crippling a very hard to get dino, why not simply boosting some lower level dinos that many players already have (or are about to get like spinoconstrictor). Boost some apex dinos like Dio or Erlikospyx and players with invest in them. Players are always happier if their dinos get boosted instead of nerfed!


Yeah it might just be the reason many players don’t want it to be touched because of the all maxxed thoradolosaur pattern and others… Its definitely a FTP players helper. For going against lvl 30 tier 30 thoradolosaurs and other boosted freaks of nature. Well except Maxima and gemini at times even procerats since it just nullifies lol. The amount of boosts some have… Ig2 is your little helper against boosts in a lot of cases though. Also, not many actually boost it to the moon because of the fear of a nerf. So that helps too actually lol.

Im ok with an erliko buff… but no way to a dio buff…

Meta Lists aside go look at the top 20 teams… compare how many run Dio vs Procera… dio does not need a buff.

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Well “personally”’ I totally agree that Dio doesn’t deserve a boost as it’s at least as good as Tryko and he is a Tyrant. But the guys with the big simulator only gave him an Apex!!! So I kind of trust them, and as such, I guess a little boosting designed to counter IndoGen2 could probably help. :wink:

Maybe I’m in the minority but it definitely needs a nerf…fine with removing immune to stun or taking away one of the CS abilities.

I’m personally sick and tired of the continual CS spam over and over again…especially now that people are overboosting the speed on Indo…


Do you really want to bring down a dino which is made with DNA from Blue which doesn’t spawn in the wild, to the same level as Indoraptor, which is basically made of Trex and Velociraptor, two dinos that are easily available globally and have regular events?

so wanting to bring it down a peg from the near impossible to counter high tyrant to a more manageable low tyrant is wrong?

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