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Nerf this monster

Sorry, I thought you wanted to bring it down from Tyrant to Apex, to be at the same level as Indoraptor. Even if it’s much harder to gather DNA for it. That being said, Ludia already said they will nerf it. So who knows, knowing them, maybe it will really fall down into apex…

nah. would rather have viable counters to it that can widen variety in teams a bit. giving it a bit more manageability is all it really needs.
when we start buffing specific things to counter other things, the counters for those can fall by the wayside as well. I’m not against buffs, but there is only so much you can buff before it’s just better to rework the original problem if you don’t want to have to rebalance everything. There are cases of over buffing creatures. cough gemini cough
just hoping whatever Ludia does with indo g2 doesn’t make it terrible.


I mean blue isn’t that rare anymore while it was once, like diplodocus, mammoth, and allo gen2 now almost impossible to get now thanks to various trex gen2 and echo events, two blue strikes, now 6 blue events, blue being the creature of the month and last weeks perfect match incubators and the addition of sanctuary farming has allowed blue to be very easy to attain i man I haven’t darted blue since the two events and look at mine as well as my indom this is also considering I accidentally SPENT blue dna cause I thought it was going to be a unique so I liked blue to 18

“Farted Blue?” That mistake made me laugh :sweat_smile:


And ya that really the big problem with just buff it’s counters. You basically start a big domino effect that cascades all through out the dinos since you each have to buff the other to counter a Dino

I think to balance it both it and indom gen2 need a complete kit change

WeLl tHe lOrE sAyS ThEiR ImPrOvEd versions of indo and indom…ya lots of lore things have change for example…

Or when Rex said it can hit harder than other dinosaur in the game, and some I don’t remember it lore does hangs in this game like everything does so again not an excuse for it to be “better”

I swear if I could turn off auto correct I would :joy::rofl:


And bring it form tyrant to apex is that a stretch it’s what indo and lot of unique been handed through the patches indo gen2 isn’t an exception

just hoping whatever Ludia does with indo g2 doesn’t make it terrible.

Therein lies the divide between the pro nerf and the anti nerf crew. We don’t want IndoG2 to become literally useless. At least, those of us that are mature enough to not hold personal biases and vendettas. Every dino should be good. It’s just that a select few are…too good. I’m totally down for IndoG2 to be one of the best dinos in the game but Cautious Strike simply does too many things. The removal of 2 would still make IndoG2 fantastic. I don’t want IndoG2 to fall out of relevancy. I just want it to not terrorize the arena.


Ya but then why not complain about indo when it’s been nerfed and ever since it first update; remember when it had cloak, yet ludia knew to nerf it and it was fine for along time top 10 dinos in the game but then the nerf to evasion and the buff to stun and along with more counters to dodge left indo basically a pinch bag and it fell to mid apex me

I mean it has one damage move that makes up for the fact that it basically only use rampage and strike, since mutual fury is very situational and evasive is useless with cautious; that along with immunities make it it’s crutch

And again it should be gray but fantastic especially for a creature who while yes a legendary super hybrid should not stand that great of a chance to UNIQUE super hybrids

Indoraptor 2.0 should be for me like this

Indoraptor gen2
Health: 4050
Attack: 1,400
Speed: 128
Armor: 10%

Armor piercing strike
Distracting impact
Precise rampage
Short defense
Passive: immune to distraction and immune to stun

This an “Improvement” for Indo since it moves away from dodge RNG being it’s only hope for surviving in favor of better survivability
And able to counter dodgers and chompers better, but being weak to tanks and immune creatures

Indo Gen 2 does not need a nerfing of any kind. It does have counters and they are immunity and nullify. Quite easy and also why I have a team that is 85% totally immune to negative effects. Also on my team I have Proceratomimus as my nullifyer. Asking for a nerfing is equivalent to playing a game on novice, no challenge and the easy way out. I for one enjoy a challenge because it incorporates strategy.

True but also what you mean by quote

You mean proRAT and Gemini which basically are it’s only two for sure counters, cause every other immune/nullified loses to it.

Also how about this analogy:
Say you okay uno and you get a card that you can make up and right down rules for now imagine you can do that over and over and over again and you can counter it would you like to play that gam

also called super boosting a Dino(usually a Thor) and 3-0 a team

Lol what strategy is there in cautious strike… is it gasp spamming the opponent to death!

I do not spam the move. I do it twice and then the rampage. If all else fails I do evasive stance and hope it dodges.

With luck also Indom can work wonders against Indo Gen 2.

Well the thing is I do not spam Cautious Strike. I only do it twice with hoping for a crit and then I do rampage

Immunity and Nullification by themselves don’t counter it at all. Even Quetzorion doesn’t get a guaranteed win.

Indo G2’s only true counters at the moment are Procera, Mammotherium, Spinoconstrictor, Tenontorex, Gemini, Maxima and Ardontosaurus. Quetzorion does well, but mind games. Same with Indom G2. I’m unsure about Dio.

Mammotherium and Procera are overpowered for what they are. They will quite possibly, even probably be nerfed, which means Procera will no longer be a viable counter, and Mammotherium… we’ll have to wait and see.

Gemini and Maxima are busted, and while they do deserve to be among the best, the fact that they are High Tyrant says something. Again, they’re likely to change.
However, these two will likely still do very well against Indo G2, nerfed or not.

Ardontosaurus isn’t the best creature to be running at the moment, since it has nothing to protect it from Thors or Erlidoms on the first turn, meaning even if—by some miracle—it wins, it’ll die on the next turn.

Regardless of all of this, Indoraptor G2 is a High Tyrant Legendary. Saying that it’s not nerf-worthy is very bold indeed.

Being better than Indoraptor is one thing. Being so much better that a new tier has to be created for you is another.

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Irony. It doesn’t have to.
Also, Evasive Stance.
You can’t expect CS to solve all of Indo G2’s problems.

Boosts shouldn’t be taken into consideration while balancing creatures. That would be pointless.
Also, perhaps some other reworks would make Thor more manageable. Certain creatures are in need of buffs, after all.

An interesting idea @Qiew brought up is that both Indos could keep one partial Immunity, so they complement each other. While they might not need either in order to stay relevant thanks to the dodge buff (they did nerf their health to make up for it, so buffing their health back could mean they no longer need the Immunities), if they do, then I think that would work.