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Nerf this monster

To be fair lowering Indo2s strength wouldnt be a nerf, see a nerf is when a balanced dinosaur is made weaker! But if a dinosaur is too strong, and its made weaker, then it was simply balanced!

As for counters, there needs to be somewhat easily available counters for something, because while Maxima and other unique nullifiers will work, they are also much harder to unlock, so the vast majority of the player base wont have access.

Remember just because something seems balanced to those high enough to have access to the difficult to create counters, doesn’t make it ok to have everyone else suffer.

Im talking any dinosaur in general!

Also each and every single dinosaur should have key strength but also at least ONE major weakness for it to be balanced, and if somethings moveset can completely negate the weakness it should have, thats also not balanced! There have been cases where a dinosaurs kit can totally overcome its weaknesses, Yoshi is a prime example!

And as for Ludia saying they were going to balance Indo2 and Yoshi…well…they also told us a fix for alliance chat was in the works, and that was over a year ago so, yeah take anything they say with a MINE of salt lol (don’t worry we can supply the salt if needed lol)

So does speed control and bleed

I disagree with you and I have one that is almost level 29. It does need a nerf as cautious strike is totally unbalanced! No basic move should be so OP. They should remove the speed increase and distraction from it.

Why the distraction? It gets that from Blue.
If you remove the cleanse, bleeders would stand a better chance against it, and certain Decel dinos would do better too.

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Seriously… Ludia gave enough counters to IndoR G2. SmiloMemes, Ardent and Gemini. ProceRat and Mammotherium work. Entelomoth too. Phorasaura.

As a user of IndoR G2, i dun see why it needs a nerf or change. Not when Ludia happily made.SmiloMemes literally impossible to kill. Ludia just handed us the best counter to IndoR G2, just need to hunt it.

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Because with dodging and distracting there is not much you can do to indo g2 unless you’re lucky and have immune dinos with precise moves. I’m fine if they remove cleanse and speed increase though.

Sorry but all those counters are not that easy to level up, well with exception to Maxima. Procera will be nerfed so I wouldn’t count that one. Also, I don’t want to be forced to use an epic dino to counter it.

Smilon beats Indo G2 1-on-1?
Entelomoth can’t get through evasion, and it doesn’t get to use MF because of CS.
Phorusaura dies to Indo G2 on turn 2.


IndoR G2 is? Carbomemys is pretty easy to find now. Relative to Blue anyway. Epic scent in parks this week gets you quite a bit of it.

Ardentistmaxima needs a bit of grind.

Leveling up indo g2 is not easy but that shouldn’t be a reason to make it so OP. The cautious strike move is a problem and we all know that.

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If you’re faster, you don’t have to worry about any of CS’s effects on turn 1. Removing the cleanse means being faster than Indo G2 is easier.
The other way to deal unmitigated damage in spite of Distraction and evasion is DoT.


CS cant break armor. SmiloMemes can Shielding Decel Strike then Precise Rampage.

That doesn’t help much if you are faster in turn one as indo g2 will be faster in turn 2 and 3. I really hope Ludia will remove cleanse/speed increase from the cautious strike in the next update.

That’s not the end of the battle. Indo opens with CS, then MF, then DSR. Overkill.
Alternatively, CS, then CS, then DSR.

Indo G2 wins regardless.

Edit: CS+CS+DSR wouldn’t kill it. Smilon would survive with 50 HP, assuming Indo didn’t crit, and also assuming no boosts and equal levels.

If Indo uses MF, it (Indo) survives with over a third of its health.

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Boosts exist, you know. If you don’t want that future, you really don’t have much to worry about.
Also, nerfing Indo G2 doesn’t automatically buff all the hatchlings, survivors and the rest of them.
It would probably either push it down into Low Tyrant, or High Apex.

They do exist, and shouldn’t be used as reasoning to demand nerfs.

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I agree completely.

It doesn’t need a nerf, tje move does

Suchatator is also a nice and easily affordable counter for both indoraptors. Lethal wound ->superiority strike->nulifying either kills or leaves it barely alive, if both are of similar level and boosts amount.

Lol have tried that and it’s easy to counter just go ES first then CS, finally mutual pretty easy to deal with and allows indo to screw hard what ever is coming in next