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Nerf this monster

Actually this another problem with indo, it never leaves ur self opens to revenge kills

Well we can only hoper dream on to have it crushed with…

Immunity and nullifying moves don’t actually counter it though because only 2 dinos with those abilities can actiually beat it :sweat_smile:

Not sure what mutual fury does to change anything? Idea is, suchatator bleeds indo for 1 turn (unless indo rampages on second turn, but then it loses over 70% hp anyway), then slows it to have an undistracted nulifying 1.5x dmg strike on 3rd turn, which either kills or leaves indo with barely any hp. I love starting with suchataror, because in high aviary indoraptors are very common openers.

Ya but see mutual fury makes indo basically have a rampage that doesn’t everything after words since it cleanses and speed up for two turns and increases attack for two turn you basically gave indo what it wanted

Also checked the only and I mean only way sucho can win is if indos cloak fails and it gets a crit

Otherwise this leave indo to go for CS twice killing it or go rampage killing it or mutual fury then killing it with CS or rampage

And with less than 10% hp remaining. Plus sucha critting on 3rd turn kills, passing evasion on 2nd turn kills. It is sketchy, and usually in favor of indoraptor (because who buffs suchatator?), but its a workable counter available from early game.
Mutual fury is very risky, noone does that. Leaves you open for swap in dmg.

Ya but most time indo wins say 75-80% of the time so not that great of a counter

But ya indo2 still deserves a nerf

The thing about indoraptor g2 is that usually i can take him down, but ardentis maxima… does it even have counters? For all the talk about indoraptor, by now he’s probably least scary from 5 high tyrants. All of them should be cut down a notch.
I’d say battles would improve more if amount of completely immune creatures would be reduced.

Well ya that what people have said I mean when creatures are so good and have so few counters that they get there own tier, maybe they need a nerf and when to epic non hybrids are in the toon 10 best dinos that also a big problem

Buts still yes they (Indoraptor2, entelomth, nemys, Gemini, proRAT, Phorusaura, Indom2, mammotherium) need nerfs, some big some small but they do need nerfs

You may want easy to get creatures like ProRat nerfed (everybody agree on this one), but seriously, you’re basically asking to nerf all the creatures that need REALLY hard to get DNA because you need something that doesn’t spawn in the wild for them. So what do you think would happen next?. Pretty much every players have already a huge Ardentismaxima, Erlidominus or Tryko because it’s easy to get DNA for them, often from your own living room. It seem like most players who are complaining here want those top dinos nerfed to Indoraptor, Thor or Teton’s level (even if all those are really easy to get). Seriously, let say Ludia nerf all those hard to get dinos. What’s next. Nerf Ardentismaxima, Erli, Tryko, Indo, Thor, Teton because they are better than most other dinos?

Better then most no no no these dinos are better than every other Dino, and if these are so harde to get why is carnotarkus better than tryko, how about dsungina being better than maxima, or reniex and magna being better tan Gemini, why isnt Monolorhino better than both pumba or the manny abomination. Why do Tura and stygidaryx suck if there dna is exclusive dna. Why isn’t alloraptor better than Indoraptor gen2 or indom gen2. Rarity doesn’t mean anything. It the fact these are way to strong

Nerf maxima are you literally saying this thing doesn’t need a nerf… come in man it’s literally high tyrant and only four dinos beat it head to head yes golf course!

An again like @Qaw said well I think he said

Nerfing a creature that is weak is a nerf,

But nerf a strong or broken creature is making it balanced

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The only things that need nerfs are IndoG2 and Gemini, in my opinion. Maybe Yoshi but I’m honestly a little unsure now.

yoshi’s damage is what i’m still hung up on. does it really need that much damage when it can distract down to 0 and take very little with evasive and distract combos?

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I think yoshi I need only two things

  1. A multiplier nerf

  2. Health nerf

That all it needs and it’s balanced