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Nerf this monster

I more on the health than attack if makes sense considering it parents but it’s helath comes out of know where and again like you said combined with dodge and distraction it was basically ludia beta indo gen2

But again these five dinos are so broken that they need there own teir cause how op they are

the health buff was in response to the dodge nerf. so it’s current health is relatively fine as it was reduced when dodge got buffed again. as for damage, it’s parent, procerato, has 1540 but that one is not immune or have any evasive ability.

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Ya but again making the health 3,000-3100 make way more manageable since it has to use evasive to survive( like any dodger should) plus if we make it have max 1.5 multiplayer the attack wouldn’t matter. The thing is this thing need to be what it is an epic hybrid( erligamma, megolgina, purutaurus, dimodactylus) lvl of power not erlidom erliko spxs lvl

I don’t think Max Moth and Nemys are that OP now. Sure they’re strong but I don’t think they’re too gamebreaking.

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Like pre 1.9 proRAT was perfect a strong epic hybrid but an epic hybrid yet 1.9 proRAT and current proRAT are busted gaining almost 800 health and 200 attack

Moth can kill anything and I mean anything and negative effect won’t matter cause of MF and persistent ferocious, nemys was fine but now they way over did with two rampages a shielded long slowing move and immune to slow?! And maxima is maxima

I used to think a lot more dinos were overpowered but recently I’ve grown to be fine with a good amount of them. Now the only real stinkers that need adjustments are Gem and IndoG2. I’m even starting to accept Yoshi.

Like maxima and Gemini might as well say give up there Is nothing you can do against us

Lol thats the problem we have accepted that there broken and this is how things are when they shouldn’t. Then newer stuff thats awesome get shoved to the side like rhino, constrictor, boa, alloraptor and the old uniques

Eh, not so much for me.

I’ve been doing a lot more friendly battles, and the thing I’ve come to realize is that most dinos aren’t problematic in their own way. More of it’s just being able to boost them to obscene levels.

I’ve had a bit of a change of heart recently I guess, and now I’m a bit more liberal with my balance. If it ain’t game breaking, I don’t mind. For now the 2 I mentioned are really the only ones that don’t fit that.

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Ya but you got to remember the new player and old veterans who are getting screwed by ludia every time they add now op creature they are left to suffer with no counter and basically anger and frustration.

The problem is most new tyrants are game breaking kicking old tyrants strong yet balanced one out and now along new more tame ones in

Que pesados con nerf un dino. Si lo tuvieras no querrías que lo hicieran. Aprende a jugar que hay muchos dinos que lo contrarrestan, incluso el propio Indoraptor G2 se contrarresta.

Translated from Spanish

How heavy with nerf a dino. If you had it, you wouldn’t want them to do it. Learn to play that there are many dinos that counteract it, even Indoraptor G2 itself is counteracted.

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Question: For all of those who ask for a nerf for Gemini, at what level are you, and how often do you see it.

Personally, I’m around 5500 (currently close to 5700) and NEVER see a Gemini. So, at what level do they show up?

Bonus question: (and that include IndoGen2) If you think a dino is overpowered, why not using it yourself instead of complaining?

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Also highest Gemini I fought a lvl 27 and it was impossible to counter and this was back before definite shield advantage so I can’t imagine facing one now

Cause your basically making the probably worse by saying hey we Love this thing don’t nerf. Plus even then boosts and lvl make who ever has the faster indo basically the winner.

I do use Indoraptor 2, doesn’t mean I don’t want it to be given a rework. Back when Blue was hard to find I could justify it, but then Ludia had to throw it around like it was candy, resulting in an influx of high level Indo2s that took out everything around it.

OK, now I get it. I’m still at a much lower level than you all. I guess those nerfs are needed only if you’re in the highest level the game then. Wicked! How can someone gather soooo much Diplodocus! Oh well, hopefully I’ll be that high one day, and start asking for nerfs as well! I though that being able to stay in Gyrosphere Depot most of the time was good enough. I already see too many Ardentismaxima at my level, but as I said never Gemini. I’m not so sure I want to get higher than the Depot now!

If you spend so much chapter on whining about indo2, you will be caught in huge disbelief when you face geminititan.

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