Nerf this stupid Andrewsarchus

i just used a level 9 Andrewsarchus against a level 21 unique the tank mammoth thing and kilked it! i mean come on if it was a lvl 21 that would be amazing but a level 9 it destroyed virtually everything in the alliance tournament last week and i hadn’t unlocked it @ that point so i just used it for a bit of fun to see what all the hype is and i 2 shot a dino that must have took my opponent ages to build its rediculously OP cmon ludia Nerf It Now the games just gone silly with freaks like this dino


Rend has always been hard to balance, because it’s power scales with your opponents health, not your own damage. So I can see how that could happen. I don’t think Andrewsarchus needs a nerf though. Nothing that I might change about it would change the outcome of that matchup.


just lower its rending damage?

No Andrew was simply doing it’s job, it’s a tank buster. Mammolania is a tank. Rend is the poor mans tool to tank bust, and andrew does well. It’s like the Thylo of non-hybrid rares


i get its moves set but grinding for months to build a unique tank to be obliterated by a low level easy to farm rare ? it would do 6000+ damage hit,in theory on a level 30 ardentis with 20 health boosts ,that took months of hard work to build not my idea of encouraging me to build hi level top level dinos!

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Yes, replace rending with shattering moves, and lose no escape.

It would be useless. :grin:


100% agree that it’s ridiculous for a rare Dino to have this kind of power output.

At least with the lion you can swap out, so to give a Dino like Andrew the ability to hit you so hard and not let you swap out is just crazy.


Just use any cunning dino LOL


i was using the Andrewsarchus so its not sour grapes on my part its just i can imagine how i would have felt spending ages getting a lvl 21 unique and this low level kills it i just think game needs better balance wre not talking an epic or legendary its a rare so 3 ranks bekow a unique and 12 tiers lower thats my thoughts on it !

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So Thylo shouldn’t be beating Tryko? ML shouldn’t be beating Gem? Cell shouldn’t be beating Magna?

This isn’t Andrew being broken, this is just the typecast working effectively. Andrew is destined to counter creature like Lania, it’s doing its job


True the thing really has no business being that strong

It’s like a secret Marsupial Lion and Allosaurus Gen 2 hybrid disguised as a pig whale

But it does what it’s supposed to, beat tanks while getting destroyed by cunnings. It only has 1400 attack and a rend, which is awfully close to other tank busters. Literally anything faster beats it


Andrew wasn’t dominating during the RE tourney we had at the beginning of this month. It did its job, did it well, and got destroyed by everything that should’ve


The point here is this.

No one is arguing that a creature with Andrews abilities shouldn’t perform well against a tank.

No one would choose to pitch a tank against Andrew in a 1v1 battle, but if you already have a tank out and your opponent pulls out Andrew and you can’t swap your tank out you’ve had it. And that is just crazy given the rarity, level and work that’s gone into each Dino.

ML, Thyla are similarly op but either allow the opponent to swap out, that’s the difference and it makes absolutely no sense.

on your theory next week they bring out a rare that can kill a magna the week after they bring out a rare that can kill thora and so on then we just use 8 low level easy to aqqure rares and theres no need to spend endless hours darting building fusing these uniques i mean cmon shouldn’t apex be the best then uniques second best down to common being the worst? i know the game doesnt work like that but my point is IT SHOULD

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Please, run your level 9 andrew in the arena. Let me know how that goes.


Most end game tanks have swap prevention res, and andrews low-ish speed (compared to what should beat it) keeps it in check

No Escape is a pain to deal with, but with only 3300 HP it gets bodied much harder than ML or Thylo


So Thylo, ML, Andrew, Titanoboa, Rixis, TRex, etc. should all be worse because they’re lower rarity? They’re actually harder to level than uniques (@wassup077 and @Idgt902 can tesitfy) and are usually more one dimensional than uniques.

Also it’s actually healthier for the game to allow lower rarities to be viable. It allows players to stick to the creatures they enjoy playing while also encouraging variety in the arena


il stick with with these thanks Bobby till they bring out more rare unique killers then i can have a whole team of the easy to get low level rares ! image

Point is that Mammolania and Ardentis have swap prevent immunity. Person using Mammolania didn’t have a counter or just forgot that can swap it out.

Andrew can only lock down Tryko and Dio from unique tanks, but will probably die after turn 1.