Nerf thor until a fix of the boost system

Nerf his speed at 99,slow his crit crit at 0 or delete it,we want to play again on the arena!


Add the rat in there too


When we are on nerfing, do consider Monomimus. She got 100% dodge when we swap in. It’s very hard to predict if my opponents got her on their decks and my Draco’s DSR is being wasted most of the times.

The fact that it nullifies the cheap shot dino is an argument for buffing Monomimus, not nerfing.

Unless I’m missing the sarcasm here, I’m pushing all my votes into “strong no.”

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Sure, strong no! JK.


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What she said ^^^^


Who me or Tina Fey?

It’s just a freak because of boost. Without that, there are worst enemies to face.


Thor is 50x harder when someone puts all there speed boosts into it. 135 speed Thor is bad. Nerf the boost speed tiers make them regret trolling Thor. That is a choice that shouldn’t be rewarded. It means they have a high chance to go 3-0 most the time.

Lol I’m truly laughing at someone saying nerf monomi, because it ruins there rats xd GOOD!

Nerf Dracos swap in damage.
Nerf Thors speed tier 6 below 135 to 126.

I seriously think that would bring a little restoration back to the game imo.


Having a tier 6 damage and 6 speed Thor isn’t an automatic win by any means. I’ve run in to some really good counters. Yes, I get those lucky crits but I am also facing the same speed thors that are a level or 2 higher than mine. Also boosting Thor and upping a level of another dino just gave me harder teams so it didn’t help, ha, ha.

Honestly, thor isnt the problem… nor is boosts really. Neither of those help the situation but they dont create it on their own.

We could remove thor from the game and every thor thread would be replaced by tenotorex threads… complaints about crits eould turn in to complaints about its ability to clense distractions.

Defense shattering is one of the real issues… id perfer chompers to have a shield destroying move and an armor piercing move… not one that does both this way we could have the kind of counter play that happens in something like tryko vs indo.

On top of that distraction attacks need to be looked at… in this world 50% tends to be not enough… id up it to 60% and see how things play out.


Thor is my favorite dino of them all xD never remove! There’s a bit of a problem when you go up against a 135 speed Thor. Because its faster than almost all dinos at that speed. And the ones that are faster than that, can be chomped in half lol. Thor isn’t the direct problem.

Spinotasuchas is the most reliable option for me against Thor at that speed because of bleed. But there is a misbalance when Thor is 135. And the boost tower this week is speed. So get ready for that lol. I’m sure some are trying to save there speed stats for Thor speed tier 7 soon.

I want to defend Thor but that is kind of ridiculous to be able to apply all your speed boosts into one like that. Shouldn’t be an option. It should be spread out somehow. So I don’t think its Thor, I think its how we are able to apply boosts at anytime as much as we want on one dino. This is almost a Lord Thor. A level 21 135 speed beats my level 25 speed 127 thor. This goes back to another point. Pointless progressions in this specific case. Maybe we all need 135 speed Thors coming up…

And I’m completely done mentioning what’s wrong with DC. I mean we can kill the pest with counters but its still a bit of a mess.

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I read it somewhere here. But the ability to go up a tier in boosts, should maybe be tied into an experience in battle.

Example your Thor has to do 500 takedowns before it goes tier 6

Thor has to do 800 takedowns before it can go to tier 7


My long post was hidden lol. But basically I was saying Thor is my favorite. And don’t want a nerf. I think the way we apply boosts is it…

Well it doesn’t bother me too much tbh, my Thors pretty monsterous too lol. But its not 135 speed since I spread mine out some.

I don’t want any nerfs either :grimacing:

The only nerf I reallllly want, is nerfing the percentage chance of a 10 fuse.



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Delete every strongest creature in game until no creature left? :slight_smile:


Thor isn’t a massive problem. You can trick someone into using up their IC and then take out the thor. Sure, the super fast ones are bad now, but very soon all your speedsters will outspeed them – I already have four dinos at or over 138 speed. The problem is the unkillable dracoceratops. Some of the boosted ones absolutely cannot be killed in one hit unless you have a boosted thor and it’s lucky enough to crit. Couple that with the regeneration and people can swap out and use them again and again. Something’s gotta give there.