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Nerf thoradolosaurus

I 100% agree that it’s the boosts and not the Dino that’s the problem, but and this is is a big but, boosts are here to stay. So we have to deal with what is, and not what we think it should be.

Therefore because boosts turn Thor into an unbeatable monster when they are applied to its speed and attack, we are rightly angry when it beats our whole team.

Boosts really should have never been allowed to alter the very base of what a Dino should be. Speed was the only real balancing factor in the game, so if we had to have speed boosts they should only have been allowed on speedy dinos, not chompers or tanks.

But here we are with what we have, and the Dino is what it is with the boosts. A chomper with the health of a tank and the speed of a raptor. Thanks for the balance Ludia :woozy_face:


So let’s say they listen to your request and nerf Thor…

What stops someone from over boosting something else and then we are back at square one… this dino is too strong we need another nerf???

Asking for a nerf is not the answer…

It is the boosts that make 90% of the problem

It’s not right… but with boosts here to stay… This has become the new normal…

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Don’t Hate The Dino, Hate The Boosts


Am I back into the past? This topic is like a year late… Thor ain’t that big deal anymore, the boosts are the problem. Anything too boosted will be stupidly OP… Players just go for that ridiculous Thor 'cause it’s a shortcut to an easy win… You don’t have to think too much… just keep chomping

Not to mention that, till this day we have to deal with the consequences of those months of weekly Sino that made 99% of mid-upper arena players have a high level Thor.


Thor never do that.


I wish I could laugh react the OP.


Let’s just hope that they don’t introduce crit boosts. Talk about an unstoppable beast! I agree that Thor is fine and that boosts are the problem. I’m unboosted, so I’ve stopped using Thor because he’s not good without boosts


No. brings Spikes (erlikospyx) to eat Thor for breakfast


It’s not thors fault it’s boosts that make it op it’s actually very bad once you get rid of them

Yeah, good luck with that when this one has instant charge ready for you!


And it’s not like they can’t be beaten

The rest of his team was unboosted and he had velociraptor and allosaurus lvl 20… why?

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That is why I bring Kaprosuchus out first, although hopefully before I meet that thing I’ll get him to high enough levels and HP boosted enough to not die in 1 hit. This forces Thors to instant charge me and save Spyx. That’s probably around lvl 30 though. I rarely see Thors that high.

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brings in boosted rinex

Mine could also take an IC from it since she has 3401 hp, unboosted lvl 24.

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They should make Thor’s defense-shattering moves definite moves instead.

Thor can be extremely powerful and sometimes anoying, but it’s not actually OP. The Thor is OP illusion is mainly because of the months of Sinoceratops rewards made it’s rarest ingredient easily accessible paired with the boost mayhem. The only things that I would consider changing is the speed boost situation and a minor crit or speed adjustment. When you take away boosts Thor is actually not that good, it’s just a tank shattering monster that is easily distracted, evaded, stunned, and dispatched by DOT.

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What if I did 3/4 and was immune to the fourth?

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Nice! I forgot that mutant was such a counter lol.

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Ya better believe it

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Not sure why Thor needs a nerf it’s one of the poorer uniques, boosts are the problem not it’s default stats. Without boosts its struggles against anything that isn’t a Tryko or Gyrpo.

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