Nerf to smilonemeys and quetzorin

Why?.. just why? The smilonemeys is far from being an issue. There’s a lot of answers for it as is, it doesn’t have any crazy debuffs or resistance. The quetzo has a hard enough time getting a kill right now but apparently it needs to be harder. I love investing nearly all my resources into a creature only to have someone complain and then ludia nerfs it. I don’t understand why we have the option of spending money on boosts when ludia can just ruin the creature. That should be illegal to sell and become an earn able only resource because it feels like a way to make me spend more money on more boosts. For example I maxed my indo raptor and thordo with full boosts, huge patch where they both feel useless to me and we were refunded our boosts. I figured okay now I have 2 lvl 30 unboosted creatures on my team thats fine for now, so I apply my boosts to the maxima and tryko and bam next update huge nerf to them both without stat boost refund. That really sucked but I still had enough boosts to apply to my other creatures. Now what does ludia do? Nerf my other 2 creatures I use, straight up ludia is making my entire team useless one update at a time. You guys wanna talk about a creature that needs to be looked at how about the magapryo that thing is way to fast. The fact that the only thing I have that can outspeed it is my erlik is a bit ridiculous yet thats not getting touched. It shreds with loads of damage and you can’t outspeed it. People always start with it and its hard to get on your feet in a fight with it.

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Smilonemys needs to be boosted. Why dracoceratops do its swapping damage 100% of the time and smilonemys only does stunning 50% of the time? It is not fair! As as consequence, the tiger is becoming more and more rare in battles. Nerf dracoceratops instead! I think magnapyrator would need to be nerfed too, altough i have just levelled it up, as i had noticed i was always defeated by a speed-boosted magnapyrator.


The stupidity behind their decisions is just beyond my understanding.


Quetzorion is really heccing good in the Aviary, and it only got nerfed by a small amount, so I’m not entirely sure why you mentioned it here.

As for ArmorCat though…I…why?


That small amount will make a big difference


Because there was no need at all to nerf Orion. Even if it was a small amount, that can make the difference in a battle and it did not need, nor deserve it at all.

Same for Smilo. It already has low damage output so nerfing its health by 300 was not justified. If they are going to lower its health, then they need to buff the damage. It was fine the way it was (although I still thought the damage output was too low to begin with) and absolutely did not need a health nerf.


Even if I’m not there yet still with legendaries I can feel the annoyance about this they nerfed every dinos late game players have boosted.

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I was also initially very curious about what reasoning was being used to nerf things that are rare in places like lockwood (where I am). But taking a look at the top teams, those creatures are everywhere, including the also nerfed monolorhino. Might be good to ask players up there why they asked for a nerf, since I suspect nobody else did.

Magna is a balanced unique, It doesn’t need a nerf…


Magna is balanced, the problem, as ALWAYS, is: boosts. They are always the problem


You probably say that because you have with 150 speed yourself. It needs a speed nerf I think most would agree


Exactly, I call bias on that, Magna is literally a cunning immune to speed decrease, don’t tell me it has a fierce component becuase Erlidominus has a fierce component, yet it only has 50% speed decrease immunity. -_-


That ‘small amount’ cost me 200 boosts to get her back to the original attack (and she’s still a bit weaker than before).

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Erlidom is pure cunning tho, Mags also gets bodied so much harder than Erlidom by faster speedsters that it’s not a problem

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The nerf to Smilonemys makes no sense, with that stupid decision the only thing they have achieved is that many remove Smilo from their teams permanently… is this how ludia breaks the metagame? rather they do the opposite.
I was one of the few who looked at Smilonemys as an option and now Ludia forces me to add one more Diorajasaur to the metagame BRAVO


Agreed nothing wrong with it

Nope you could say the same about 149 boosted Thor’s it always comes down to the boosts

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The problem with the 149 thordo is its still not gonna even compete with the magna as I always see 150 speed magna making it still able to get the distraction off thus your thor will have an uphill battle even if you try to use instant for damage rather than stun you still more than likely won’t have success in that match up. Its not that some people use 150 magna its that everyone who knows how to use one has at least 150 speed on them. I also don’t think investing speed into an already slow creature is the best idea, youre taking away from any damage potential and most people that have cunning will boost the speed. I agree boosts changed the game dramatically, but I don’t think boosts are going anywhere anytime soon, I just don’t think blanket patches will make everyone happy some people will be okay with a ton of dinos getting changed at once but a lot will not be okay with it as it changes strategies for many teams and without the boost refund it really hurts because if you want to unboost a creature you’re punishment is losing 50% of them.

Yes but why does Magna get to be a fierce cunning when Erlidominus is also made up of Indominus? Edom should be fierce if it is made of a fierce, every unique hybrid should have 2 classes that they are in, Edom shouldn’t just be left out, either Mags should get the nerf or Edom should get the buff.

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Seriously. It has been nerfed so much it is animal cruelty. It’s made of 3 epics, if anything it should be great.