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Nerf to some dinosaurs and movement


There are some dinosaurs that truly for your class or rank (rare common etc) are too strong

The most vivid example in my opinion is the Miragaia that to be a common dino and give you kick your DNA has an excessively large damage and more for its counter-stand

Besides having a defensive attack and another healing that cures the 50% of life becomes almost impossible to defeat

The cure is nothing happens but its damage is what I dislike enough… In addition to the dinos that have 2 stun attacks and know that if you go out of a stun will put the other

If you have 2 attacks that Aturdan put that if you already received 1 second is more difficult to stun by the simple echo of already coming from a stun

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i agree man and dont forget the swap skills too. black stego is op

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you stoopid bro lol. love ya man

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Miragaia is weak to defense shattering moves. She is a well balance dino in my opinion.
For dino with stun move, you can choose immune dino to counter them. For example, ostrich family, postimetrodon, monolometrodon, ankylocodon, etc.
You have to adapt your team base on the opponent you frequently face. Building a balance team and you have a good chance to win any match up.


Too strong? It’s a tank which does very little and does to every shieldbreaker going. Its potentially the worst dinosaur in the game.


Try facing miragaia in lower arenas when your best tank Buster is Rex/allosino that thing is immortal

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I think they could scale Miragaia’ damage slower, meaning, in lower level, it starts with a bit lower attack. Because I remember when I was even newer than I am now, there wasn’t much choices to deal with it. But as you advance, you would have more choices and it only becomes a problem when it is much higher level than your team or all of your chompers are dead. But these 2 conditions can be said the same towards all dinos.

I think the problem is that they are giving its DNA in litterally every incubators and so everyone can just level it up much quicker than other dinos.

I do think Stun (and evasion) is poorly design in this game. Stun is literally doing free damage to your opponents and force them to skip a turn. If you think in this way, it is ridiculous. The same goes for Evasion.

They should rework these 2 mechanics into something more utility and less-RNG based moves.


Seriously? Nerf Miragaia? Wth?


Try to find gorgosaurus in L2 then, she is pretty common and has double defense shattering moves. You can also use her to create gorgosuchus at level 10 which will be a better counter. She is a worthy investment.


Every rarity has it’s strongest members. That doesn’t mean you need to nerf them. Especially when we’re talking about a common, poor thing. There are real demons in higher arenas that are more deserving of such discussion. Let Miragaia be.


Miragaia is one of those naturally good dinos.
If your asking for a nerf, I have no respect for you.
“Nerf miragaia it’s too OP. Its counter attack is the only good thing about it but idc.”
It’s one of the most well balanced dinos in the game. So stop nerfing and start playing :unamused:


I expected to read about truly overpowered dinosaurs.
See the topic is about Miragaia


Wow miragaia. Really? April 1st is 1 week away…


If you honestly think miragaia is op, i have no words for you for when u get farther into the game.

All i can think of to say is, good luck and just wait


Keep feeding the troll…

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This made me laugh harder than it shouldve


Yes. Let’s fix this broken Apto while we are at it. Fairness! Diversity! etc