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Nerf to the combination of Phorosaura and Monolorihno

a combination that does not allow you or even to play because you are continually stunned by these creatures being exchanged because their speed helps them, one creature has an instantaneous devastation while the other stuns you when exchanging

Choose you game designers or reduce the number of battles for the weekly incubator or nerf these creatures

Both of these are balanced. The only thing I’d change would be Monolorhinos rend resistance to null. Imo, a creature with armour should not resist Rend.

On a side note, these kinda threads annoy me so much. Just because you encountered something a few times does not mean it needs to be nerfed, banned, changed etc. Both of these creatures can only stun you once and its not even guaranteed. Both are locked in for multiple turns after doing so. They are balanced and can be countered by other classes. Legit ANYTHING with armour or a resilient move Phoru just loses to and Monolo loses to almost any kind of chomper. If you wanna talk about a TRULY broken swapper that needs a nerf, target Ceramagnus. Imo, that’s the only extremely broken one rn


Are you telling me that if I use a tank destroyer against Monolorihno, I end up winning? Tell me how many Monolorihnos you have killed in two turns. Preventing this creature from reducing the damage and the critical in the first turn because, when they put this creature on the screen it hits you first, then it reduces the damage and then it hits you another hit that breaks shields and removes camouflage. Remembering that you have chosen a tank destroyer to face the Monolorhino of course. The Monolorihno does survive on the third turn as the opponent abuses his ability to hit you again, shield breakers are generally slow. Haber I think you have forgotten that the Phorosaura can remove damage by dodging. The bad thing about these creatures are used mostly to finish off and that is the problem. That one has an attack that stuns and pierces armor. While the other creature, thanks to its speed and instantaneous deflection, wins the turn. Because of course the resistant hit only lasts one turn and I only hurt it once, then the speed reduction takes away my debuff dodging from my creature and then you get hit by a devastation and run away and you pray that a Dracoceratosaurus doesn’t hit you in the face

I remember alot of people used Phorosaura in pvp but nowadays it’s more like raid creature and imo it doesn’t need a nerf. but yeah monolorhino deserves a nerf it’s immune to almost everything like monolometrodon before 2.7.

Both these dinos have been nerfed relatively recently.

Neither should be nerfed again, as neither are op unless they are drawn to do the run into the other scenario. This rarely happens now as there is a delay to the run from Phoru and any resilient or armoured Dino will make short work of it. Think Dioraja, Hadros, Tryko, Maxi, Gemini etc…. Or of course your own swap in.


Trykosaurus with Resilient Impact
Thoradolosaur with Impact then Rampage
Diorajasaur doesn’t kill in 2 turns but it does a dam well lotta damage
Tenontorex with Resilient Strike + Rampage

Like I said, I do think it needs a nerf to its rend resistance.

Like I also said, Phorusaura is stopped by almost anything with Resilient and Armour. Dioraja, Tryko, Mammolania, Testacornibus, bloody Carnotarkus can take it and (as much as I hate to say it) that thing isn’t exactly very strong. There are plenty of creatures that need major nerfs in both High and Low arenas, but these 2 aren’t it, certainly not Phoru.

I personally have never encountered a Monolorhino I couldn’t take out and im not even that strong a team. Let me ask you, how many times have you encountered (on the same team) Monolo + Phoru in the arena

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Don’t forget gorgotrebax bud excellent mrhino destroyer, immune to distraction, & nullifies his shields.


Try to make those combinations like those creatures you mentioned to me
Magnapyritor in these times does not survive more than two turns because they use the Monolorihno
I use Trycosaurus my rival any creature.
My opponent exchanges Monolorihno hits me and stuns me (Monolorihno penalty 2 turns) and I cannot hurt him with resistant impact I lose a turn (Monolorihno penalty 1 turn) then in the second turn I manage to deal damage to him Resistant impact and he hits me with his basic blow on the third turn gaining speed to kill the Monolorihno on the third turn. Oh surprise the change to Phorosaura stuns me again, I lose another turn without hitting. Let’s check if the shield works in this case. Oh oh what’s up, my god has instant devastation. GG
I don’t know why the Phorosaura has the ability to stun if none of its roots have this ability as long as it inherits a small health regeneration from its descendant Maiasaura.

monolorhino is a unique not easy to have for one of the ingredients and also there is little unique with full immunity I find that it is well no need for nerf or buff

It gets swap in stun from Maisaurua. Ofc none of those combos work with a 2v1, cause its a 2v1. Pair them up though. Magna + Tryko, decently even playing field that combo loses. Mammolania + Tenontorex, that combo loses. Heck just about any of them, that combo loses. And thats just direct counters, doesnt even account for creatures that don’t hard counter but do well like Erlidominus, Quetzorion, Erlikospyx, Hadros Lux, Ardentismaxima and Geminititan. But you have a team. there is plenty with stun resistance, armour or swap out moves. I’m not saying Monolorhino needs a buff or anything, but that specific combo is good, but overall isn’t game breaking

I ask again, really, how many times have you encountered this? Because I have encountered that strategy once and it did not work at all.

I dont know, imo those dinos aren’t as strong as you say. Especially pho. Can’t believe that thing as fallen so hard. My unboosted turtle and deer make quick work of pho.

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Seems that you have to many creatures that don’t resist stun, in team. Swap in meta nerfed some really strong creatures. Magna, Dio, Tryko all got big hit, with swap meta. In Shores at least 2 swappers (Monolorhino, Magnus) are mandatory. Many run DC too.

You need to run stun resistant creatures. In my team only Grypo and Mortem (75% stun resistant) can be stunned. After boost shuffle swapped Spyx with Trebax, cause Spyx got stunned constantly, despite resistance.

Wait, Phorusaura is still used in arena? Haven’t seen one for a long time.

Wow. Ok first of BOTH OF THESE CREATURES ARE BALANCED. They have counters!!! There NOT hard to kill!

Side note: anyone want me to make a topic called “let’s nerf EVERYTHING!”?

Love/like this if you want to see me make this thread? (It would only be for good fun but yea)


It’s really unfortunate that people go screaming for nerfs as soon as they encounter opposing creatures that they aren’t able to counter one time rather than thinking about what options there might be to counter them. And sometimes you do just end up in a situation where there’s nothing you can do, but that can happen with literally any creature.


Phorusaura and Monolorhino are fine. If anything, it’s just a sign that swap in attacks in general are inherently unbalanced.

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Apparently you’ve never seen my Dio destroy a Phora :smirk:

Any phorusaura in sight and it’s an instant swap to trykosaurus, diorajasaur or mammolania! TTFN

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Make the thread. Do it!!

Phosora doesn’t have a swap in attack (I know that probably not what you meant but had to say it)

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If I get 13 likes/loves/whatever there called. I will @Dyldorz