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Nerf tragodistis sppeed!


TRAGODISTIS is a tank,and both creatures used to create him have speeds of less than 114, so please reduce the trago speed to 110, more or less, like all the other tanks


She also has less health than the typical tank, plus Parasaurolophus used to have higher speed.


There are enough counters for it. Use and lvl them and stop saying ‚nerf it‘. Enough good dinosaurs got crushed by nerfs we dot need em.

Just play better. :wink:
Tragodistis is tough but not difficult to beat.


Why would you want to nerf trago? He is barely viable in the arena. I had to bench him in order to climb up, because of the many chompers and bleeders. There iz no need to nerf him at all.


so, for example monomimus, had its speed reduced to be the same as mono, but TRAGODISTIS speed remains the same even after para speed reductions?
That’s not fair


No, Monomimus should not have had her speed reduced after losing so much health before. That was a bad move on the devs’ part. It’s not fair I agree.


I think you should use your frustration against trago into your advantage. This is a sign that you might need to change your team if you want to climb in arena. If you are having such difficulties with trago, then you might not like what you will face in higher arena. Best to save your coins and dna and not level up your current team and change it into more meta-like team. Good luck with your progress. Cheers


This is my team, Indominus is now level 18 and I’m working on uthasino


Gorgo loaded can oneshot Trago with DSR. Your Gorgo need a crit to oneshot it. Or simply bleed it with Suchotator.


Tragod has so many counters these days. Bleeders, chompers, Dracos and even other tanks that can slow her ease. Try to get over her and leave her alone. She is already got low health and damage compared to other tanks. And speed doesn’t even compensate all those if she gets to slowed down or chomped up.


You got two chompers against it, a bleeder, and even tany is a good counter with nullify and armor piercing, where is the problem?

Trust me, once you have it, you’ll love it, mine is at level 24 and if used right, it’s much better than stegod these days.

Plus, it’s all about strategy and anticipation, for example when you start with indominus and they start with tragod, use cloak, then they use shield while you switch into t-rex, you take no damage while switching and then destroy it in two hits. Always anticipate the opponent’s moves and Trago will not be a problem :wink:

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Gorgo is too slow, and gets stunned or devastated by tragod most of the time, and they normally swap out tragod when they see sucho or Rex


If they swap out, you got one move for free basically, I’ll admit that gorgo loses to Trago, but only if they begin together, if you wait until you do some damage, Gorgo can finish trago easily. Before I stopped using Indominus, I always put her in first, cause it allows you to deceive the opponent into thinking you’ll use cloak, so they swap into something with nullify or trago, but if you hit them, and only after that use cloack, you have bigger chances, so I’d advise you to always start with indo, and if you don’t have it in your line-up, then suchotator, because of its versatility.

And make sure to work towards trago yourself, if you can’t beat them, join them :slightly_smiling_face:


If they reduced her speed, she would be useless in arenas. Please stop this constant light speed jump to nerf dinos. Too many dinos get “rebalanced” and it sucks for people like myself who put time, effort, and sometimes hard cash into raising them up right only to see their dreams get crushed when they are finally ready to step into the arenas.



I soooo agree. Personally i hate that tragodistis can outspeed my trystronix!

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Yeah. Please nerf Trago speed and buff/increase it’s health by 50%. :smile:




What’s the account you usually post this drivel under?


You have 4 in there that are good against it


Why is this topic still a thing :laughing:

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