Nerf Velociraptor



more specifically, please nerf the pounce action just a bit. If you would please take the time to read my dilemma below.

I personally have a level 7 velociraptor(which I'm pretty sure is considered low level), and I still think that pounce is too Over Powered. It should be fun to play this Dino, but it leaves no competition. when I get the velociraptor on my team, unless I face a higher level guy its almost a guaranteed win. I can one shot level 13 tanks like the einiosaurus(excuse the spelling) and many others with the pounce move, which I can then use again after one turn.

i believe this Dino has already had an attempt at Nerfing it by giving it very little health. However it is still so fast that this nerf is negated because it hardly gets hit. Im not sure about later stages in the arena, but in early to mid stages, if you face against one you almost always lose, which in itself isnt very fun, especially with how common these dinos are. Your only chance is to hope that its normal attack won't kill you first, and then maybe you can take down some of its health and hope that it doesn't kill 3 of yours before you kill it. Please fix this. Im not proposing a total rework per se, as much as I'm proposing just something to balance it a bit more.

To fix this I propose either

  1. taking the damage it does down a bit and adding a slight amount more of health
  2. add a longer cool down(I recommend a 3 turn cooldown if the damage stays the same)
  3. taking the effect off of this move or changing the effect to something different that isn't as Over Powered as the one its equipped with(I hope I'm not remembering the effect wrong)
I'm sure there are also other work arounds or nerfs that are possible, but these are the ones I have managed to think of. I just feel that one shitting somebody who is better than you is just a little bit too much

Please consider my proposal