Nerf woolly rhino and diplodocus

Ludia why did you buff it so it had swap in stunning strike with 1500 attack with a shield and resilient impact just reduce the attack to so it’s at max 1200 (lvl 26) or remove swap in stunning strike(attack is preferred) also why was Monolorhino nerfed yet this wasn’t nerfed alongside it Diplodocus is also far too strong cause it’s far stronger than it’s hybrid with that stupid attack Gemini only has 1300 yet this thing has 1500 with 6K health please just nerf these two cause there too strong in all the tournaments eg this one going on woolly rhino is just everywhere and it’s beyond unfair when it happens to get next to a specific annoying pigeon

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What is wrong with diplodocus?its an iconic dino beloved and recognizwed by many so it’s buffed.i don understand your complaimts bout diplo cause it doesnt really appear in today’s meta


It has too many damage and can kill some fierce

Diplo only needs to lose decelerating Rampage and replace it with decelerating impact (1500+2250 = 3750 (still can 2 shoot cunning creature ) . No needs damage nerf because it will hurt it so much.


In the epic tourney meta it does.

Beating 98% of creatures in an epic tournament shouldn’t be happening

It is already VERY rare + has low speed.
I havent seen any diplo when i was in arena 5-6.everyone wants to unlock it only to fuse with koolabourgiana.if you want something made for killing this sauropod-spinonyx or other bleeders with No escape(but Nyx is better cause of that decel immunity)

I Have Never considered tourney meta relevant at point of view is based on PvP arena,No tournaments

I was going to say exactly this! Lots of cunnings have 3000 hp, so a damage nerf requires Diplodocus to use it’s strong attack to finish them off in two turns (vs two strikes), which is a huge disadvantage. It can even get a group decelerating impact to match some of the other Sauropods. Spread the good word!

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Yeah RS is the defenition of countering cunnings, SA is the defenition of countering resilients and due to it’s high hp and dmg as well as decelerating moves it does pretty good even agains certain slower fierce creature needs some hp nerf.

Considering this tournament do i even have to say why rhino needs a nerf

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Thats quite a short sited view, if something like rhino or diplo dominate tournaments and basicly forces u to use them, and ruin a lot of the fun in tournaments(wich btw a lot of ppl use to esape pvp, due to the horrible matchmaking and go play the skill tournaments) then i think it’s clear despite their general pvp viability they need a nerf, btw certain high lvl players literaly lvld rhino to 30 and boosted its dmg to maximaze that Swap in SS

Diplo is very rare in arena because Lydia never give us an event with Diplo inside it ( only high Hp event )

Both need a nerf indeed, but Rhino needs one much more

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I just met this person in pvp