Nerfed Dodge/Cloak but didn't add extra health to compensate?

I’m all for the change in the Dodge mechanic but many Dino’s became completely useless after this change because you didn’t give then extra HP or such a tiny bit that it really doesn’t matter. Erlidomonus, Indoraptor and especially the Dodge chickens like Procerathomimus. It got a lousy 100/200 hp increase which is no where near enough to actually Dodge. You now have to Dodge every single hit to actually use the dino, and still pray you survive Thor’s massive hits as 1/3rd of his dmg is still enough to two shot you. or just skip Dodge all together which makes the dino incredibly bad.

Is this really what you wanted to achieve? That a 3 turns evasive stance is only worth it if you Dodge all 3 turns and still be lucky enough not to die by recoil while giving up a damage turn. Really doesn’t sound thought through.


Short answer is do not dodge :slight_smile: Procera does not need to rely on dodge with her moveset (distracting moves). Erlidom is still super strong and also does not need to rely on cloak (turn one damage is huge and still immune). Indoraptor got hit with these changes but still can be useful as well.


Erlidominus is just a rat cleaner currently. As Magna is two shot meal for Thor after 1.8, it’s easy to be without good Thor counter. So here comes Erli. Oh wait, forget it, Thor usually have 5200+ health. So you need to cloak with Erli and pray for two dodges. Before 1.8 it was mostly enough to dodge one hit.

Would add Dilorach to team, but I need more shield breakers as every team has boosted Trykos. So I’m stuck with one real Thor counter (Utarinex) and two pray to survive counters (Magna, Erli).

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stupid unnecessary change.


I literally just got Indominus a few days ago and now my first and only legendary class is useless, it’s complete BS.


I agree with this post, my suggestion is either take the time to fix each and every evasive mechanics instead of just giving all of them one same big fat nerf, or thats not gonna happen, atleast buff their health by 500HP

My suggestion in fixing those moves individually

They are fine, I still have Indo, erlidom and the Christmas chicken on my team and they’re doing their job, procera doesn’t really need the evasive, erlidom needs It more for the damage boost than the evasive itself, the one that got nerfed was Indo but if You use It without relying on the Dodge so much he can still do its job, even if i liked more the old dodge It’s not so bad as everyone says, I gained 350 trophies more without any change on my team

Yeah, Indom almost relied on its cloak to get to do any real damage. Now he’s probably just useful against weak stunners, I’m not sure if he even can take out Sinocera anymore.