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Nerfed spawns


So today i saw 3 new drops near my house.
Well 1 new, 2 was moved closer to my house.
And at first i was YESS!! YESS!!

But in reality the 3 new drops replaced 3 very active spawn points, so now there are hardly any dinosaurs spawning at my house anymore.

8 drops and 2 almost inactive spawn points left.

Really Ludia ? Are you trying to squeeze the last fun out of the game ?

How about making the game experience better instead of worse ?
Every supplydrop could be spawns with different spawn rates instead of beeing completely dead…


I’ve noticed fewer event drops too!
(The ratio of green event drops:standard drops is very disproportionate)

I did see this on Instagram earlier today though…

Maybe they were talking about the reduction in event drops ? :man_shrugging:t4:


I’ve had drops moved around as well and much fewer green drops. Glad I did most of my attempts yesterday. Also less spawn points…