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Nerfing Boosts?

If we can’t get rid of them, then why not nerf them at least? Make the speed boost go up 0.5 or 0.25 each boost, or depending on the class they get a different boost difference. There’s so much discussion on changes of boosts so this is just an idea.

  • Get rid of boosts, period.
  • Needs more discussion.
  • Nerf boosts in half.
  • Nerf boosts depending on classes.
  • Stay the way it is.

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not sure if this speed issue can be resolved by nerfing boosts or by other means. I’d rather try expanding the speed range before changing boosts as i feel it would open up more opportunities.


I feel like it needs more discussion I think speed could be halved but a better option would be to just make it 1 point per boosts. But there is also health and attack boosts to consider but speed is the biggest problem.

The problem would be you need more creatures to full expand the current speed limit.

how so? it would be a rework to the whole list of current creatures as well. i thought of bumping the top end up to around 140ish then introducing half speeds on top of that. so 107.5 or 129.5.
a much wider range that could allow for a lot more fine tuning when doing creature creation or balancing.

Well concerning the huge changes in matchups that would cause how would speed be determined? Size? Class? Kit? Role? Plus really most of the clutter only really comes from speedsters but even then its not that cluttered and there are also speed that haven’t been used like 118-119 nothing exist and some have like one memeber like bary gen2 in 123 speed or apatosaurus in 101 speed. But i think maybe just 135 speed would be good and maybe find a way to determine who moves up and who moves down.

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i think some fierce and cunning should move up a few pegs if the gap was widened and we used every speed tier. but i also jsut dont want to do the math involved with checking the match ups to make sure things aren’t broken.

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Ya thats kinda why it be very hard to do like in regular tournaments and friendlies the speed of creature are fine but boost just make super hard to predict and prepare for what comes next. Still i think just increasing the base max to 135 speed is fine just so some of the smaller or faster cunnings can be well fast. But it must be done with care and even then just 3 new speeds change a lot.

This is the core of the problem right here. Your speed boosts come from the same overall boost pool as HP and attack, but the speed range isn’t on the same scale as the other two stats. So your speed boosts go a lot further than your attack boosts, meaning that dinos who’s weakness is speed (like Thor) can get a lot of value very cheaply by simply boosting their speed a bit.


Why is the speed set up the way it is? Like, from 101-132 just seems odd, especially when the only things in-game that alter speed are either 50% down or 10% up? Someone with better math skills care to explain it, por favor?

Ummmm well, honestly we don’t know its just been like that since the start.

I voted “Needs more discussion” because honestly I think it’s really only the speed that needs any tweaking. When speed is that important in the game, and the speed can run completely off the rails if someone pumps enough boosts in, it should be handled more delicately. I think considering the rock-paper-scissors type of setup they’ve decided to go for it would make more sense to have speed boosts reduced to 1 so that you CAN get a Fierce up to Raptor/Ostrich levels - but you wouldn’t be able to surpass them. That way, Fierces with speed boosts could outrun tanks, compete with each other, and only beat the speedsters that were unboosted. It also meant that speed would still matter to the Cunnings because they were the only class that could reach the higher speeds but as they tend to lean towards lower health pools with high damage output it would matter which of them could overpower the other.

Conversely, boost cap lower level arenas so you don’t have the most ridiculous unwinnable match-ups before the bulk of the opposition is ready to field some of their own.

So… honestly it’s a difficult question because although boosts themselves are an issue they can’t simply remove them because they cost real money and nerfing them would risk angering the people who spent real world money which no matter how people feel are the ones paying to keep Ludias lights on. I think taking boosts into account while balancing is tricky but the best overall solution, I think the idea that has been presented of widening speeds in general is good and nerfing all damage would be a plus

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