Nerfing/Buffing my cretures

Due to recent events regarding my creture i will be sending creture that need something to allow you guys and girls to suggest balences now please 1 test to see if it makes it still kinds good and 2 just know i will not be doing everyones im doing a pole now u just choose the first one

  • Ankylomoonasaurus
  • Armormata
  • Bajadaelon
  • Elasmolania
  • Hauffiotops
  • Hainbrotosaurus
  • Liolikasaurus
  • Mosarex
  • Styxomimus

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Ill post the most voted for in a hour

Also if i will be posting any dinos i make here instantly

Today will be mosarex and ankloymoonasaurus

Please tell me how to rework

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