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Nerfing Dinos


I know this post will probably get banned or hidden away but I will exercise my freedom of speech!

I am tired of these posts about nerf this Dino and nerf that Dino just because you lost a battle to it and Ludia listening to these whiners!

This is a game, deal with it! Rather than rant about a strong or weak Dino, how about you quit whining and focus of real issues like helping Ludia fix the existing bugs and how to improve the game! By fixing problems not nerfing Dinos so that you can feel better about your low leveled team!

Sorry not sorry!


ppl should stop whining or stop play the game!!


I love the irony on these threads of whining about whiners :joy:




That is funny :rofl:


So it’s really happening! Wow! I’m so disappointed! :pensive:


Maybe instead of the devs being lazy and just nerfing an existing Dino maybe they could, I don’t know, develop a new Dino that would be a nemesis to them instead. Guess it’s easier just to change some code and trash all our hard work and money. Did you all honestly expect anything less from a corporate entity.


I believe so, but when it’s time for 1.6.
They had superiority strike’s text changed to “cleanse distraction” in 1.4, yet it actually started cleansing only distraction in 1.5.
Same with how distracting rampage is now (has no delay).