Nerfing flock creatures

They’ve basically ruined the game and are so annoying to kill. Diversity was already a problem but now to make creatures balanced you have to add group attacks which wasn’t necessary until these guys came in. The flock mechanism should either just be removed which I don’t think is necessary or just nerf or remove their alert abilities which are always op. This is since it also ruins strategy since u can’t swap out. They heal, distract and evade. The heal should be removed since it it already takes 3 hits to kill them especially when only 42 or like one fifth of dinos have group moves. This was a pretty big rant but they’re only hurting the game at this point. Some are ok like dodocevia since it can’t heal on escape and compsagnathus gen 2 which isn’t too op for its rarity.


I’m just happy they’re not really used in aviary much, I usually just see them in tourneys.

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I’d argue both compys are now the most op flocks. Copy 1 still heals @ 2, and compy 2 is pretty much guaranteed 1st move against any unbooked dino & heals and adds back every time its swapped back in. Coelhaast doesn’t heal on the oppo swapping out either, just gets dodge.
In any event group hits are somewhat irrelevant, most dinos with a slowing move stand a decent chance, as foes anything with nullify to remove dodge. I do still run 1 flock, but it regularly gets taken out by resilient and certain cunnings post update where they also quietly reduced its base speed. Various hybrids also do well including indoraptor and molometro. I only keep it for straight fierce where it does well, but then it’s supposed to as a cunning, and that comes with the caveat that once u encounter thors it can be taken out in 1 hit. Yes there are players that lack the team members to deal with flocks, and I imagine that’s frustrating when one then lands, but that comes down to selection choices and then luck of the draw.

I feel like they’ve had more of an effect on tournaments rather than arena and the rest of the game. Most dinos in upper arenas and most Uniques deal with them with ease, but some, like Argeteryx and maybe Compy need some nerfs, to bring them down to a desired level. They haven’t ruined the game, like the armored deer has, but rather just ruined lower arenas and tournaments and occasionally annoy people in the higher arenas.


True. I don’t agree with the removing heal completely, but rather nerfing it decently, since otherwise most flocks would be taken down in just three hits. Getting rid of Swap In Heal on Compy would be nice, that’s completely unnecessary. Forcing most Flocks to heal only when it’s at one member would be nice as well.

This is mostly the issue. Most flocks getten beaten up by the big leagues. Argenteryx? The massive issue that plagues tournaments? Yeah, that thing gets beaten up by stuff like Skoona, Testa, Trebax, Spinocon, etc. But in tournaments? Almost nothing competes with Argen, and that’s the issue. Most flocks are counterable and can be beaten relatively easily when boosts, level, and different rarities, like Uniques, are involved, but since there’s very few things that can properly compete with them on their own turf, that being the tournaments, they come off as OP. Argenteryx and Coelhaast are the two I feel come to mind. Few dinos can compete with them in their own turf, so I feel they might need nerfs, just to make them more balanced and fit with other creatures of their rarity.


Completely agree with this. The biggest issue with them is definitely the healing. I think all healing abilities on flocks should by default heal on only a single flock. This includes “Alert The Flock” and “Alert On Escape Evasion”. I also think fearless flap needs a cooldown nerf to 3 turns. Heal + speedup + dodge + cleanse + precision is way too much on 2 cooldown.

This doesn’t have to be universal, stuff like Compsocaulus, Archaeopteryx, and the dodo’s can keep their 2 member rally’s since they have other drawbacks that balance them out.


It’s the healing that is the problem. A swap in heal is fine but they constant healing when not enough creatures in game have a group attack. They don’t need the heal really so I can see an argument for dropping it and it would make them fairer.


The heal is fine for most, it can only be done with one left side then has a cool down of at least 2, even a basic resilient can dispatch them at that point.

I’ll agree that some like argenpteryx and compsocaulus need a nerf. But non hybrid flocks aren’t that hard to beat. You just need a good dot or a good counter on your team

Disagree. The heal is not a big problem. It’s more that some flocks have reviving abbilities + evasion in their move set. Some like dodo even need them since they’re having a sacrifice move

The less number of group moves, resilient to be exact, is the problem. Give creatures more group moves, it will be a nerf to flocks.

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Exactly . Like almost all non hybrids don’t have group attacks

I think the problem is that most of you think swapping is strategy.

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I think the biggest problem with flocks is that very little things counter them. There are 12 non-hybrid group attackers and they’re all worthless in PvP. Most things that counter flocks barely even matter because they don’t have an on escape, and if they do have an attacking on escape, it won’t matter since they’ll just absorb the hit and leave. Nothing is built to counter flocks, and those that do can’t do it effectively. Flocks have the most free swaps in the game, which enhances the infamous swap in meta that they’re currently bringing back.


SpinCon says hello.

Any resilient will remove dodge etc every attack, I treat then the same as any cunning I face, slow then hit them with the standard resilient move. Given many argy users use the heal 1st move for a speed increase since its speed nerf this gives you a good likelihood of picking up the win. Nerfing creatures out of existence just because a proportion of players don’t particularly like them is not the answer.

Tell that to Indo, IndoG2, Smilo and Mortem.

To be fair both indos are still pretty useful against flocks!!

Also, two wrongs don’t make a right. Frequently users of this forum bemoan the lack of diversity of dinos in various arenas, continually nerfing dinos to the point of uselessness outside the bottom 3 or 4 arenas doesn’t help that, while I have no doubt your examples may be true at a very elite level I’m sure they have their uses in the arenas directly below (not at that point, I’ve only been playing as a ftp user for a couple of months, my best is a lvl 19).

Epic tournament says hello.


i was just saying on escape heal should be removed, the escape can still be there but the heal should be removed from it and its normal heal move can stay but have one extra cooldown.

@G_81 I wasnt saying nerf them into oblivion, I was saying nerf the heal. i was just on a rant on how annoying they are. i dont like to nerf dinos, I think its better to buff everything, keeping things diverse so other creatures are more commonly used, but not a lot of other dinos within the lower rarities can counter flocks and ludia doesn’t buff creatures. they only nerf them.

The On Escape heal should stay since there’s is swap in damage in the game.

This works only in PvP where there are plenty of Legendaries and Uniques to call upon that are well equipped for taking on Flocks, as well as tournaments that allow us to use Uniques and Legendaries.

I can only think of one Epic creature that can take on Argenteryx as it is and win.

It’s not a nerf if the abilities of a creature are reworked in a way to make them more balanced, and no variation of Rally Heal should ever apply until the flock creature in question is down to its last health bar.