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Nerfing monolometrodon, sarcorixis, and woolly rhino

Distracting barely does anything because it has ferocious. Stun rixis? With who lol another rixis? You can’t swap rhino on it to stun since it has no escape. And if you do rhino gets lock down and killed too.

Yoshi wasn’t really used too often in the top it was a place holder for most. It is same as rixis. Max boost it to kill everything in tourneys without anything to counter it. Its counters would be also having all maxxed boosts. So boosts is its counter. With an all maxxed rixi swap preventing it is also pointless it wants to stay anyway can’t slow it so… Who will you bleed it with? Dimodact to get one shot by rixi lol? Spino to get slowed then killed?

Obviously an all maxxed boosted rixis is op and I compared it to full boosted rexy to show difference. Rexy doesn’t have resilience and ferocious so distract works. Rexy doesn’t have no escape so you can swap bleed/swap slow/ swap stun. Rexy doesn’t have speed resistance so slow it etc.

who will you bleed it with? Use thylaco or suchotater

with rixis. nerf it’s attack and make it’s ferocious impact, ferocious strike, with monolo, nerf attack, health and maybe speed. with rhino, maybe an attack nerf or just nerf the swap in

and maybe make sarco resist speed decrease instead of immune

Thyla is true though for bleed. But it will need some boosts to survive. Boosts exploit a creature imo.

Like of course a full boosted rex is good but there’s many things to actually try against it even unboosted dinos. I beat some full boosted dinos with no boosts to minimal boosts. However something like a boosted rixis with 156 speed etc if you don’t have it also… You get two options hurry up and strike and just take defeat as fast as possible or exit app and come back later.

And another example a fully boosted thyla can be defeated also by no boosts to minimal boosts because it has legit and viable weaknesses. Unlike rixis boosted who’s counter is boosts something also fully boosted.

I was talking about skill tournaments

Rixis and monolemotrodon are fine, rhino can get a nerf.

The point I’ve been trying to make all along (and in my 1st post) is don’t just nerf everything that is good… Instead make counters to them to make them more balanced. e.g. Sarx used to have a higher speed than Thyla, but then they switched this around so now Thyla can 2 shoot Sarx in the hybrid tournie. There will alway be dino’s that are better in one class than the other, and that isn’t going to change. You remove one problem you create another - so the effort should go into making other dino’s better. That is what i’m saying.

Again what I said before in my first post - it’s the boosts which make things OP in the game, not necessarily the dino. When you see things on a more level field i.e. the last tournament, Sarx and Mono were good dinos, but not the best… and Mono frankly (my opinion) was out classed by a lot of things.

I wouldn’t compare Rexy to Sarx anyway because - Sarx is a hybrid for one (and hybrids pick up resitances etc from there component parts) - and there are a a fair few standard epics which have no resitances in the game either.

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Just because you can’t be perfect doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any standards.

Not necessarily. Ludia does that, but that doesn’t mean that it’s inevitable.

That creates power creep, and drives other creatures out of relevance. This is basically the “don’t nerf x Dino, instead buff everything else” argument. The end result is the same, you get x Dino being worse off, except maybe there’s some illusion that you didn’t lose anything directly.
Nerfing is much more efficient, and there’s less chances of messing up.

Ludia is just very bad at nerfing things (generally speaking). Balance in general actually.


tbh, dont nerf rhino, its good enough, id say nerf tenonotrex, it attack is WAY to much. Especially because it can heal.

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Way too much for what? What exactly is the problem with it having that much damage?

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Tenrex is fine. The heal doesn’t make a difference usually


Dude, rhino can swap and get incredebly cheap piercing stunning 1500 dmg, tenrex is incredebly hard to get and is counterable even by stuff like lania

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Just noticed that with Grypolyth losing its complete stun immunity, Sarcorixis loses one of its few 100% counters in the arena… I guess ludia aren’t ready to have their latest boost mascot dethroned.

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Coming back to this, but if Ludia doesn’t nerf Metrodon, what they could just do instead is Get rid of Boosts. That would be a big nerf to Metrodon, Thoradolosaur, Etc, I wouldn’t mind that

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You can’t get rid of boosts. Otherwise it gets boring and stale near the top

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Pretty sure I’ve seen that complaint several times even with boosts, so maybe that’s not the issue.

I’ve already got a Sarcorixis on my team. I’m adding Monolometrodon and Wooly Rhino to it to see what all the hubbub is about. Levels are 19, 18, and 17 respectively, and not a single boost among them.

If the creatures themselves are such an issue, then I should be able to see them this way, yes? Because while they’re annoying to fight I’ve yet to come across an “OP” one except in the tournament, which a Monolometrodon at level 29 vs. my 16 to 19s I would expect to get squashed by regardless of what it was.

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This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard what’s Ludia going to do for everyone that spent money on boosts? The game would be so bad it would become your 8 dinos vs thier 8 100% identical dinos and all that matters is luck and speed tie