I spent so much money on leveling up a certain creature and then at the end it was nerfed. What a dissappointment.

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What was the Dino ?

Let’s be real here. This game is really like a ‘whack a mole’ with all these random buffing and nerfing. Remember the time they nerfed Lamus and the other cows out of the blue when IG2 and Procera went on a destructive rampage on the arenas? Undoubtedly, the game has been quite balanced lately, with little to none creatures that scream ‘use us or die’. Hope this keeps up for future patches


Haha yeah I know what you mean …but I just wanted to no what it is :blush:

Was it Maxima? that seems to be the one that people invested loads in and then it got nerfed

Yea the game is really balanced rn I like it a lot. I’m still waiting tho for a slight buff for Indoraptor g1 he deserves to be better than he is rn I’d really like him to get a special move that is a reference to his raw untamed power in the movie cough Echolocation or Triggered kill Cough

Procera, ig2 and other cloakers. Not only they were nerfed but plenty of creatures have counters for them thats why they are now seldom seen as part of a team.

If it was Maxima I agree he should get 15% armor and 100 more attack maybe lose some speed

Prorat & indo g2 we’re always likely to get some form of change, they were too dominant in the game , however when you speak of other cloakers indom-rex got a substantial buff , he breaks shields now which didn’t before & I believe a hp buff , erlidom is very relevant in the game just won’t win all matches,

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In mid to low arenas that would actually be monolometrodon

Same league as indo G2 and Christmas chicken?

Probably has about the same number of counters, so yes. And considering it’s easy to make, and even top players use it, it needs a nerf

Doesn’t travel up the arenas anything like indo g2 did, most top players will run Magna instead could run both but move 3 probably means they won’t…