Nerfs makes me hesitate to level any dino over 20. Suggestions?


The stealth nerfs on dilo especially got me worried about leveling any dinosaurs, especially over 20. I created this account on the forum especially to discuss this worrying trend.

Disclaimer: I didn’t get too affected since my dilo is lvl 19 only. But i would have spent the coins to level him to max since he is really good before the update.

I think there’s a problem with the way nerfs are done. They should be announced weeks before hand and dont just nerf and release a unique on that dino without any warnings. People sent money to buy coins to level the dinos as coins to upgrade above 20 is no joke.

To release a better dino is acceptable powercreep imho. But to nerf existing ones that people spent money on thinking its future proof, felt wrong. It’s has the same feel as bait and switch, that you tricked people on purpose.

Listening to the community is good. But this place has the MOST criers about any dino that can beat their team dino that i wonder which one you are going to nerf next just because you are listening to the community.

Unless your dino are all level 30, you WILL get stuck at a certain arena rank for a LONG time because there’s others above you that level/spent more time/money leveling their dino better than yours. I accepted that fact but many here dont seem to realise it. So no matter WHATEVER dino ludia nerf, those criers will still cry because they are still stuck in the same arena rank. Does anyone really think they can jump 1000 rank just because 1 or 2 dino get nerfed? Did your dino suddenly do better because of that? All you did is basically make others who spent money get much less worth of their money.

I dont really know what’s the ideal procedure for nerfs/upgrades. But the current one is seriously off putting imho and that a better procedure for nerfs/upgrades on dino can be done more elegantly.


I hear ya! I’m now hesitant to level up my Stegodeus any further because of that too. Wish I can take back all the coins and dna I used on Stegoceratops since its nerf really affected its performance. Seems like stuff tend to get nerfed if enough people complain about “OP-ness”:fearful:

With that being said, there probably isn’t much you can do. I would still level things up to 20 because at the very least 20 is the requirement for uniques. And if you do get a Unique, level those because those are less likely to get nerfed and most tend to be great performers (not a guarantee of course).


Agreed to the post.
What should be done is to create/introduce new dinos with better ability to counter or buff certain dinos moves.
Definitely not nerf existing dinos after so much effort, money and time has been spent to build a solid team.


I completely agree 100%. I must have horrible luck because it seems like every update they mess with something I’m using in my deck I play. I’m to the point I only battle for incubators and care less if I lose or the trophy count I have. I no longer battle just because it’s fun because for me the fun stopped once the tournament began. I’m sure a lot of people like the new battle format that will allow much lower dinos completely destroy the much higher level dinos but I’m not a fan of it. It’s just my opinion on the whole thing. I know it’s just a game but I liked the game play better in June and July then I do now.


Maybe, can whenever there’s a nerf and a new unique out, could ludia revert all progress above lvl 20 to level 20 and give back the gold and dna. Let people decide if they want to use the coins and dna again to their previous level at no loss or invest in the new unique. At least people who spent money to level dilo to level 25+ could have the choice of the new unique or still level it to the same spot like before.

sounds like wishful thinking though since they got away with all the nerf with the greater part of the community rejoicing until their team gets killed by another dino and the screaming for nerf continue to the next batch.

Or just buff up / create their counters easier to make. I definitely not mind a stronger counter dino since it’s meant to be a counter anyway.


Our culture has become so strongly focused on whining and complaining that we see it as a more probable solution to our problems than actually grinding and working hard. Sure the odds are sometimes stacked against us but that doesn’t mean giving up or playing victim.

There have been people who have complained about strong Dinos since launch … first the raptors, then this, then that. I have a feeling it’s a trend we are just going to have to get used to.

I never had a strong raptor and would always get wrecked… but then I worked on my stegosaurus and erlik, b/c that’s what was around and eventually their higher levels and move set made up for whatever “OP” dino I didn’t have … rise and grind!

I miss the days when Nerf was just a soft football


I feel what are you saying. Anyway I am far away for level up something over 20 and I prefer to level up more dinos simultaneously rather than just one (who may not be chosen from RNG to be in my 4 fighting dino).

My stegodeo is still lev 20 and I am trying to upgrade my Indom (lev 19) then I will focus on Indoraptor. I am grinding parassaurolofo’s dna and in the meantime I do my math if it will be more strategic to put these on tragodistis for a medium term strategy (now lev 17) or maybe better paramoloch (lev 17 as well) because the last one has an hybrid, so going for a long term strategy.

Seen that I was not fighting to arrive at 4.000 trophies (my max trophies were 3.7xx) I stopped doing every level up / fusion as soon as Ludia announced the update, my stegoceratopo was lev 19 ready to upgrade but I haven’t levelled her up, luckly.


Be wise and stay at lv20. Work on uniques and level them up. To stay in top 500 is enough.


I still think you need to level up your stegodeus regardless whether Ludia’s gonna nerf it or not cos once you get into arena 8, there’ll be plentiful of high level stegodeus around. Without a strong tank, you’re gonna get whacked big time and a level 20 stegodeus does not even constitute as a strong tank. I met a level 27 stegodeus last night.


Thats the thing. To improve the team you will eventually need to level the dinos past level 20. The problem is when they start nerfing.

Powercreep im fine with. But with nerf, it means that dino is doing worse against current dino. Sometime we target a dino since it can do well against some of the commonly used dino. Well if you nerf it, its not doing well anymore. Some dino are niche enough already.

Instead of nerfing i suggest buffing its counters. I will be happy if they make a tank buster do well against stagod. But making stagod go worse against a speed devil/squishies feels lame.

At least if they intend to do a nerf, they should announce it way in advance so it doesnt feel so much like a bait and switch. If its good for the game, we will be fine with well planned nerf. But not when its a ninja nerf.


True but nerfs to similar dinos not only affects you but your eventual opponents as well.


Everything you’ve just explained is why I got a full refund from ludia


Don’t think I can cope with seeing the word ‘grind’ anymore :sweat_smile:


I’m glad to see a post like this because this is exactly how I feel. I’m hesitant to level dinos up now because it’s been a trend that they get nerfed after everyone has frantically leveled them up. I was heartbroken the first time dilo got nerfed, then they fixed it just to nerf it again. Not cool at all…


Its not the problem of that.

Lets say you like a dino because it is a counter to indoraptor since lots of people use indoraptor (not going to use stegod to keep it neutral). This dino is only good because it can win against indoraptor but do horrible against anything else. You buy incu that have its dna. You buy coins to level it to 25 so you can win against your opponents indoraptor.

Then 1 day they change his ability. Remove null. Reduce attack and health. Now its a dino that cant win against anything else. How would you feel?

It affects everyone. But the nerf isnt fair to you because you bought that incu and coins to counter indo. And now it doesnt do it anymore. In exchange they release a hybrid of it that now is a counter to indoraptor using its dna and a common dna. 5 levels of dna and coin are totally wasted on that dino completely.

That imo is totally unfair. And its happening now. And will continue if no one says anything about it.


Totally agreed! I’m in the same boat! I don’t want to spend coins and dna for evolutions past lvl 20, because of all the potential nerfs :slight_smile:. I have already accumulated 250000 coins because all the dinos i use for battles are on lvl 20. Not sure what to spend the coins on now. I would spend the coins on evolutions if Ludia would stop nerfing dinos, but instead bring out new dinos to counter or just buff other dinos to counter OP dinos.oh well, let’s continue accumulating the coins…



True but you try not to level up one particular dino just as a counter for another specific dino, not me anyway. I can understand your pain if you’d bought incubators but that’s the name of the game…and that’s why I do not purchase incubators. Game developers are in it for the money including Ludia & Niantic and not primarily for our pleasure. That’s why it’s called grinding…:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Im my opinion, you should stop caring about nerfs. We can’t say what dino will be useful in 3 months, but you can say what dino is going to be useful right now.

You should level dino you want and you need. If you wait too long, your team won’t be able to compete and you’re going to lose more battles.I know that coins are hard to come by especially if you’re FTP. You might be tempted to think carefully about your spending. This is good. But it’s also a game and you could level up whatever dino you like. Pick objectives. What is the next dino you want ?

I level dino way over 20 and they could be nerfed, sure. They could make hybrid of dino I already level up way over the requirement (hello diloranosaurus). But it’s okay, because there were useful the time I made them and they brought me a lot of coins. No regrets.